ThinPrep Integrated Imager

The ThinPrep Imaging System combines the power of computer-assisted screening with human diagnostic experience. With Dual Review screening of every slide, your laboratory can achieve a new standard in cervical cancer testing with respect to accuracy and efficiency.

ThinPrep Integrated ImagerIntegrates Imaging &amp slide reviewCombines proven ThinPrep imaging technology and slide reviewing into one system.&nbsp
The review scope can be used as a conventional microscope saving valuable bench space
User-friendly touch screen and ergonomic stage and review controls
Automated fiducial mark alignment saves time and increases accuracy
Automated posts perform can functional checks ensure integrity of data

Each slide is imaged in approximately 90 seconds
Every cell and cell cluster on the slide is scanned
Coordinates of the top 22 largest and darkest objects are identified and stored

Behaves as an automated microscope, presenting the 22 fields of view (FOVs)
Dual review process combines human expertise with the power of computer imaging to deliver a superior solution for your lab
If abnormal cells are identified, the entire slide must be reviewed
If the 22FOVs are normal, slide can be signed out as negative
By concentrating on abnormal cases, the cytotechnologist (CT) can screen more efficiently

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