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You’re a primary Healthcare Provider, but procurement of medical equipment is a very lengthy chore for you. How do you make it simple?

With Asthra by your side, you can swiftly order and buy any medical equipment needed at your organization. Establishing a direct business with suppliers around the nation at competitive prices is now possible, from your personal mobile device.

Asthra is designed to provide easy procurement of medical devices by implementing key functions such as:-

Hassle-free procurement in the absence of multiple tiers of communication
Explore categories like Surgical, Radiology, Disposables, and Hospital Furniture
Purchase equipment at a much cheaper rate than the market price
Swift Delivery
Smooth tracking of orders

To avail of these features, all you need to do is Install and Sign up on the Asthra app.


How long have you had to wait for your payment due to lengthy payment processing schedules?
Did you have to battle against inconsistent order flow?
Why Worry?

Install Asthra and Sign up with Medpick now!!

Once enrolled with Asthra, you get exclusive access to showcase your products to multiple hospitals and laboratories all over India, at a single time.

One can enjoy features like

Increased sales traffic by connecting with Pan India Hospitals.
Exposure and Promotions of your products through Asthra
Instant Payments


If you’re a Dealer looking to source out supplies and equipment for your hospital network, Medpick aids you in procuring medical equipment ranging from Radiology to Hospital Furniture.

All you have to do is Sign Up and Install Medpick’s easy-to-use mobile app, Asthra.

Asthra is designed to help you

Procure equipment at very reasonable prices for your network
Diverse categories of Medical equipment to choose from
Keep a check on price fluctuations according to the market
Earn Commissions by reselling products on Asthra

Diagnostic Laboratories

Get access to a compilation of India’s finest and fully-automated laboratory equipment at the click of your fingers, only on the Asthra app.

Asthra provides you with features such as

A Stock of cutting-edge original laboratory machinery and rapid test kits.
Quality care at affordable costs
Win the benefit of Simple and smooth procurement process of diagnostic equipment


Through Asthra, you can achieve a continuous flow of sales and save your retail pharmacy from getting pulled-down in the era of online pharmacies.


Medpick connects all local pharmacies to receive prescriptions from customers through Asthra online. You will get notified of these orders on the Asthra app online and can pack the medications up for the consumers to pick up on the Go! With Medpick’s Medbox, home delivery of medications at apartments can also invite consumers to order online from you.

How does it benefit you?

More orders flowing in from retail consumers
Save your business from dying out.

Here, you can also

Procure supplies swiftly from suppliers on our app
Receive Bulk orders from Hospitals and clinics.