Sudoscan Lab Diagnostic

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SUDOSCAN is a test that provides an accurate evaluation of sweat gland function.

SUDOSCAN’s focus on small nerve fibers within the peripheral nervous system innervating the sweat glands.

SUDOSCAN measures the ability of the sweat glands to release chloride ions in response to an electrochemical stimulus on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, areas with the highest sweat gland density.

SUDOSCAN test results can be used as indicators for patients at risk of autonomic dysfunction through the measurement of Electrochemical Sweat Conductance (ESC) and the amount of observed asymmetry between the right and left side.

The non-invasive SUDOSCAN is a highly sensitive and reproducible tool for the early detection of small nerve fibers and to help define and monitor a treatment to improve and control complications caused by diseases like type 2 diabetes.

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