Tissue safety meets Reliability setting new standards in processingThe TissueTek VIP 6 AI Vacuum Infiltration Processor is a selfcontained floorstanding automatic tissue processor used to process tissue specimens. It holds up to 300 tissue cassettes and comes with added features of Advance Solution Manager & iSupport.
Easy access and graphical display of reagents, bulk reservoirs and retort. Linked to state-of-the-art and user friendly software results in increased user convenience

One fill/drain port for reagent reservoirs and 2 external fill ports for the bulk reservoirs enable users to exchange or fill reagents faster, increasing the speed by which reagents are exchanged or filled, hence workflow and limit the exposure to fumes of hazardous chemicals

Absence of condensation and fumes in the retort increases reliability of tissue processing and limit the exposure to fumes of hazardous chemicals

Quick and safe open/close of retort lid increases user convenience

Quality of processing is improved, higher efficiency obtained due to reagent management system, eliminate the risk of tissue dry-out

Four sensors prevent overflow in the retort and the load of too many cassettes. Besides, they ensure a safeguard level (2.7L for 150 cassettes and 3.5L for 300 cassettes) for all fluids. These features increase reliability by eliminating the risk of tissue dry out.

Easy monitoring of reagent levels is possible, increasing reliability of the process

LCD color touch screen and intuitive windows based software

External drain & fill Internal heated retort lid and condenser

Ergonomic designed retort lid

Automated reagent management system

Four different level sensors

Illuminated reagent check

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Process capacity: up to 300 cassettes

Reagent reservoirs: 150-cassette: 2.7 liters 300-cassette: 3.5 liters Cleaning: 4.2 liters

Paraffin reservoirs: 3 small: up to 4.2 liters 1 large: up to 5.7 liters

External bulk reservoirs: 2 reservoirs, 10.8 liters each (1 for alcohol and 1 for xylene [substitutes])

Waste reservoir: Captures condensation, overflow and discarded solutions

Fume control: Fume condenser system and 2 disposable activated carbon filters

Program memory: Fifty processing programs, three user defined cleaning programs, one warm water flush program, one rinse cycle and optional drying cycle

User-defined names: 100 solutions, 5 solution configurations, 50 tissue processing programs

Processing steps: 14 (10 solution steps, 4 paraffin steps)

Cleaning steps: 3 (xylene, alcohol, drying)

Process time: 0 to 99 hr, 59 min in 1-minute increments for each station

Processing delay: Number of days and actual end-time, auto-calculation

Temperature: Reagent, 35º C to 60º C; paraffin, 45º C to 70º C

Pressure/vacuum agitation: Selectable, p/v cycle: pressure, ambient and vacuum are cycled in the retort during processing; V cycle: ambient and vacuum are alternated in the retort during processing

Pump in/out mixing: Two different mixing functions: 1) agitation by completely pumping reagent in and out (either fast in 12 minutes or slow which takes 20 minutes) or 2) agitation by pumping reagent in and out while specimens are completely immersed (either continuous during the complete process or short/instantaneous between the level sensors).

Paraffin cleansing: Automatic paraffin oven degassing

Clean cycle: 3 user-defined options with optional drying cycle

Valve system: One rotary valve and one gate valve for reagent and paraffin transfer, and external drain and fill, heat on or off

Fluid detection: Detection of vacuum/pressure changes plus four ultrasonic sensors, on or off

Fail-safe systems: Solution manager substitutes compatible solution to complete the run and automatic reversal of pumping action to insure specimens remain submerged

Solution Exchange mode: Automatically (up to 3 reagent rotations including paraffin) during processing or on demand

External drain and fill: Select from drain, fill, drain & fill with optional rinses with water, alcohol, water/alcohol, alcohol/water, or an external solution

Password protection: Password programmable, 2 levels (4 managers and 20 users)

Dimensions: 61 x 63 x 133 cm (WxDxH)

Weight: 165 kg

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