Neomass AAAC Plus

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Quantitative Analysis of15 Amino Acids13 Acyl CarnitinesArgininosuccinic Acid (ASA)Succinylacetone (SUAC)

Expanded newborn screening panel for quantitative determination of 15 Amino acids free Carnitines 12 Acylcarnitines Argininosuccinic acid (ASA) and Succinylacetone (SUAC) under the same extraction method and single injectionsingle run step without using any toxic compounds on Tandem MS
Kit for 960 testsMultiple Diagnosis ( 50 Disorders) with single injectionsingle run protocolThree levels of dried blood spot controls covering the clinically valid range Sample extraction without derivatisation using non toxic reagents Patented technology for detection of complete Urea cycle disorders (UCDs) High throughput analysis measuring each sample in 1.5 min with shortest extraction time

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Single protocol and single injection for all analytes including SUAC

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