Vajra’s Target

Vajra in Sanskrit means a protective shield or a weapon of indestructibility. Standing true to its name, Vajra protects your assets from getting damaged and reduces repair costs.

Why Use Vajra?

Manage your Assets across multiple locations

Get access to an accurate compiling of the complete hospital equipment database at various departments of your organization.

A Guaranteed Smooth and Simplified Workflow

With an efficient managing system of Vajra, the device management stress is reduced. If someone wants to be kept updated with the database of the equipment in their organization, it is not an exhausting task.

Instant Product Repair

With our AMC services, schedule a repair service for your product whenever and wherever necessary.

Warranty Extension

Your asset is closer to its warranty expiry limit? No worries! With Vajra, you can now keep a track of your product’s warranty and extend it as and when needed.

Asset Labels for Easy Identification

One can design and stick Barcodes and QR Codes to their equipment and scan them easily with our mobile app.

Free Access

The details of the date when the equipment was purchased, manufacture information, customer support, warranty expiry can all be accessed for free!

Be in Charge of your Assets On-the-Go !

Our Android App enables an easy and swift Tracking of Assets

  Bird's Eye View of your assets

  Manage your Equipment

  Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Why there is a need for an Asset Management App

Now that technology has entangled deeply within the web of patient care, the number of medical equipments count has multiplied. If the beside equipment count was 6 in 1998, the count now would differ humongous, let’s say 30. But the downside to it is, hospital asset management becomes burdensome.
The first and foremost reason is half of these equipments land up in wrong places. This is where the staff loses track of presence of the equipment and end up buying new ones. Again, the pending responsibilities after a device is used for patient care. are not looked after such as.

  • Asset Repair
  • Marking inoperative equipment
  • Stocking locations
  • Warranty Expiry

Ultimately, most of the devices stop functioning efficiently. This increases repair costs and new equipment procurement costs. In most parts of the country, hospitals have only 30% of their equipment In working condition. This compels the staff to procure new devices at quick intervals, which hikes the supply cost revenue.
Thus, methodical auditing of the assets in each medical facility should be recorded and checked for where they are being used and what is their work

Vajra: Incorporating a Simplified System of Asset Tracking

Medpick has brought in Vajra for all the hospital management staff and healthcare providers to maintain a digital database of all the existing hospital databases at a single place, In the comfort of their mobile deuces. Easy management of assets in different departments is achievable henceforth. Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) help maintain the repair and maintenance of every product in a facility signed up with Medpick. One can now Identify the assets which are due for periodic repair or replacement, with Vajra.

Get started !

Smooth Asset Management now at your Fingertips


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