Strom Electrosurgical Devices

Our wide range of advanced energy devices powered by SMART TISSUE SENSING TECHNOLOGY delivers superior performance. Our focus on innovation and quality of the product and taking care of the patient’s needs enables us to deliver clinical outcomes with the latest technology.



Strom is an integrated solution powered by SMART TISSUE SENSING TECHNOLOGY which provides Monopolar and Bipolar modalities along with Ligation, and Bipolar Resection in Saline. It caters to surgical needs across all surgical specialties

All Strom devices are

  • Smart and easy to set up
  • Intuitive to use
  • Safe for user and the patient


SMART TISSUE SENSING TECHNOLOGY monitors the real-time changes in tissue impedance and controls the energy delivery to create a wide range of tissue effects. This results in enhanced performance using low power settings resulting in reduced tissue damage and faster recovery.


Strom devices cater across a wide range of surgical specialties requiring monopolar, bipolar, vessel sealing, and bipolar resection in saline. Precise energy delivery ensures minimal thermal spread and tissue charring.

Unique modes that enhance the surgical outcome :

  • Simultaneous coagulation across all devices enables two surgeons to work together on the same patient.
  • Programmable blend mode allows the surgeons to choose the percentage of dissection vs hemostasis.
  • Bipolar dissection along with vessel sealing reduces instrument exchange.


The model contains Monopolar and Bipolar function.

The model contains Ligation function.

Contains additional Bipolar resection in Saline function.

Contains the additional Ligation function and Bipolar Resection in Saline Function.