NeoBreathe™ is a device to provide manual positive pressure ventilation and airway suction to newborns and infants weighing up to 5 kgs. For safety from extreme pressures, NeoBreathe limits delivered pressure to 40 (±5) cm H2O.

Component Features:

The device consists of a foot pedal module, a circuit, and an airway interface (reusable silicone masks, included)

Foot-pedal: Manual positive pressure ventilation is delivered by gently and partially compressing foot pedal.

PEEP valve: PEEP can be controlled from 2.5 to 10 cm H2O

Mask: Silicone face masks of size 1 and size 0 are included with the device, however it can be used in conjunction with other airway access devices such as endotracheal tubes and LMAs

Suction: NeoBreathe has a built in suction functionality. It generates a negative pressure of 140 ± 5 cm H2O. Mucus trap is single-use.

Re-usable circuits: The pedal unit is connected to the airway interface through a reusable silicone circuit.

PIP manometer: NeoBreathe allows monitoring of delivered inspiratory pressure through are usable manometer (pressure gauge).

Oxygen regulator: NeoBreathe allows broad, semi-quantitative regulation of delivered FiO2
concentration. It can deliver a FiO2 of 40% ± 8%, 65% ± 15% or that of above 97%.

The product has been tested and guaranteed to withstand at least 50 cycles of autoclaving/ other reprocessing