uChek is a smart phone based portable diagnostic system which measures micro albumin to creatine ratio and multi parameters of routine urine. uChek – urine analysis system takes images at predetermined time intervals to detect colour changes in urine strip parameter pad and give highly accurate results.


Affordable :

uChek system costs less than 1/3 rd as compared to other systems.

Simple & Intuitive :

Can be used easily by health care personnel, receptionist, nurse and doctors.

Compatible with Biosense strips :

uChek system gives best results with Biosense URS10 and Biosense 2AC strips.

Quick results :

Displays result in less than 5 seconds after strips reading time.

Lightweight & Portable :

uChek system weighs less 1.5 kilograms.

Truly point of care urine testing :

uChek does not need electricity can be used for bedside testing.

Integrated Data Organiser :

Separate feature for keeping your data secure, easily accessible and efficient real-time management.


uChek device uses Image based CCD array sensor which has 10,000 sensors built in it. With standard internal lighting and box, uChek’s color differentiation and recognition becomes far superior than these analyzers.

  • CV is less than 2% for color recognition
  • Overall accuracy is 91% with Sensitivity of 90% and Specificity of 92%.

uChek is based on the principle of reflectance photometry. The system consists of a reading device and a test strip. The test strips are designed in a way that the color of its test pads intensify or deviate in close correlation with the change in concentration of the analyte. uChek uses the smartphone camera as the sensor to detect this change in color on the test strips and determine the concentration of analytes with a high accuracy

How to use

Step-1: Enter Patient Data

Step-2: Dip the strip in Urine for 2-3 Seconds.

Step-3: Blot excess urine on tissue paper.

Step-4: Insert strip in Tray & close it.

Step-5: Press “Begin” to start the test.

Get results in 1 minute!
Results are AutoSaved in PDF
which can be printed easily.