The VisionTek® is an automated bright field digital microscope for histology and cytology slide preparations. The VisionTek operates interactively, similar to a standard light microscope, with the added benefits of digital technology. It can also operate in automated whole-slide imaging mode.

VisionTek® live digital microscope, an unique system in the market, developed and protected, based on US patents: EP 2 110 696 and US 8,304,704 B1, applications submitted: US 20120044342 A1, PCT/IB2010/000518 There are no other systems available that offer all identical features.

This high-end, motorized, digital microscope captures real-time images, for live viewing and precise measurements, all within seconds. The live multi-view mode is perfect for complex cases: displaying multiple slides and stains on one screen. This not only optimizes the workflow, but can significantly decrease diagnostic time. Live sharing of images has never been easier; the large, high-definition screen displays extensive details, which can be viewed alone or together. The snapshot option is a powerful tool for creating instant, high resolution pictures of single slide or multi-views, which can be used directly in presentations. The perfect digital solution for consulting or informing off-site colleagues. The VisionTek® is a live digital microscope, including scanner capabilities, for scanning whole and partial slides. The pathologist has complete control of the entire recording process.

Taking live digital microscopy to the next level The VisionTek® Digital Microscope is used to visualize human and animal tissue placed on a microscope slide. VisionTek is a Live Digital Microscope with scanning capabilities.
VisionTek Diagnosis -Easy to interpret and report the results

VisionTek Share – Easy to share with multiple participants

VisionTek Consult – Remote access of the same slide with your colleagues

VisionTek Archive – Pathologist is empowered with full control on archiving and storage process
Motorized stage:

Motorized XY stage with automatic control

Automated lens changer

Focusing: Motorized automatic and manually focus

Digital Camera:

CCD Camera: 4.1M pixel (2336 x 1752 px; Px size 5.5m)

High sensitivity and high resolution camera

Live image display: 16 frames/sec

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VisionTek™ Digital Microscope, including;

– Windows PC

– 24 inch High Resolution monitor

– 2 VisionTek™ Slide Carriers, for 4 slides

– Keyboard and mouse


Carl Zeiss EC Plan Neofluar




Dimensions: H60 cm x W50 x D50

Weight: 35 kg

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