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HYDRASYS 2 SCAN is the allinone analyzer for gel electrophoresis. The system offers analytical solutions for the highest level of performance matching clinical diagnostic requirements.HYDRASYS 2 SCAN carries out electrophoresis steps from sample application to final reading. It is a fast and easy to operate instrument offering a comprehensive test menu of more than 60 HYDRAGEL programs. HYDRASYS 2 SCAN is designed to accommodate all workflow requirements.The instrument is also available as a FOCUSING version giving access to the high specialization tests.

Multiparametric system for Automated Agarose Gel Electrophoresis.
1.aster operations Less errors2.Adapted to any workloads from smallest to the largest3.Less wastage No need to wait and group large number of samples4.Easy to use Same procedure for all the techniques5.Enhanced assay resolution and sensitivity through microporous membrane sample applicator6.Minimal PC system requirements7.Excellent signalnoise ratio
1.Automation in agarose gels Electrophoresis.2.Sample Type Serum Plasma1 Urine CSF Secretion samples & Packed red blood cells.3.Upto 3 gels simultaneously.4.All perform in sequence Sample application migration drying staining destaining drying scanning.5.Compact and Polyvalent.6.Large Test Menu PROTEIN Immunofixation Hemoglobin CSF Isofocusing IsoEnzymes beta2transferrin A1AT LDHHDL Cholesterol Lipoproteins. 7.Patented disposable microporous sample applicators.8.Various Applicator Size 7 15 30 & 54.9.High Throughput Protein 162 samples hourImmunofixation 18 samples hourHeamoglobins 30 samples hour

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1.Migration Incubation & Drying 48 Migration programs.Automatic & optimized migration.Thermal regulation (Cooling & Heating) by Peltier effect).Voltage current & power regulation.Drying by heating element & tangential airflow.2.Staining compartment Automated steps Automated cleaning no maintenanceTeflon coated3 levels detectors & Safety Lock9 staining program 3 Washing ProgramsAutomatic selfpriming magnetic drive gear pumpEntryExit of liquids controlled by a 10way valveDrying by convection heater with tangential airflow3.Buffer spongesNo errors in quantity of bufferNo preparation of buffer every timePrepared sponges containing the bufferIndustrialized process4.Applicators Patented disposable membrane sample applicatorsSebia Patented Technology5.Agarose gels SEBIA knowledge in agarose gel production . French made !!!Industrialized process application of the agarose gel layer on a plastic filmHigh standards in quality control for raw material as well as all the processed goods6.Densitometers ScannersHigh requirements due to concern for reproducibility and linearity of the reading.7.Reagents Kits contains everything for 10 Runs Applicators Buffer Sponges Gels Stains.8.Software Powerful & Userfriendly softwareClarity of results easy interpretation Automated detection of the reading zoneAutomated centering & Alignment of the electrophoretic patternsRecall & Review of patient history including curve & result displayQuality control programUnlimited storage of curve results and gel images (SQL client server database)Networking capabilities for multiple SEBIA instruments9.Small Footprint Single unit with migration chamber Drying StainingDestaining & Scanner.

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