Hyperfine has created an affordable, easy-to-use MRI System for the bedside.

Portability – A first in MRI imaging.

Maneuver Hyperfine’s point-of-care scanner around the hospital, so patients can be imaged where and when they need it. Ready to scan in less than 2 minutes.

Just plug it in.

Hyperfine’s low-field system plugs into a standard wall outlet, consuming a fraction of the power of traditional MRI.

Control, view, and share with ease.

Operate Hyperfine’s scanner from a tablet. Choose sequences and protocols from a simple playlist. View images on a phone. Send images to the cloud.

Use Cases

General Anatomical Brain Imaging

Non-specific muscle weakness

Works in Progress

Spinal cord compression
Diabetic foot disease
Musculoskeletal trauma


Maneuver directly to the bedside
Navigate through doorways, corridors and elevators
Store in a closet or small room with power for charging

Our real-time 3D rendering technology brings scans to life.