Clean Step XTC

CleanStep XTC

CleanStep XTC is a device for automatically securing footwear with heat-shrinkable film to eliminate direct contact of the sole with the floor.

Technical specification :

dimensions: 80×44.5x33cm
weight: 21.5kg
heating time: ≈120s
foil feeding time: 3-5s
foil application time: 2-3s
capacity: 1000 pieces
voltage: 230V
one-time power consumption: 75W
rated power: 1300W


CleanStep is an innovative technology that is an effective, economical and ecological alternative to traditional shoe protectors. The device uses a method of welding heat-shrinkable film, which allows for quick and accurate protection of shoes of any shape and size.


The device is fast and effective – the foil adheres tightly to the footwear, so we can be sure that it will thoroughly isolate the sole from the ground, preventing the germs from being transferred to the room and outside. The material used is high-quality PVC that provides lasting protection against dirt and bacteria.


Thanks to the use of automatic foiling technology, the whole process is carried out without using your hands, there is also no need to bend over. Ease of use, built-in LCD display and high comfort of use make CleanStep friendly for the elderly, the sick and pregnant women.


The low cost of cartridges compared to traditional safety footwear makes CleanStep inexpensive to operate. In our devices, we only use degradable film, which is fully recyclable.