mobmon 12.0 Resting ECG Recorder with Telemedicine

mobmon 12.0 Resting ECG Recorder with Telemedicine

The mobmon 12.0 Resting ECG Recorder fits in your palm and can easily be used in office, bedside, etc. ECG reports can be viewed and zoomed on your mobile or tablet. Note: this product requires a mobile or tablet. You can print your report to a WiFi printer or Bluetooth Printer*

The mobmon 12.0 is an advanced ultraportable ECG recorder. Simply download the app, plug the mobmon into your mobile phone or tablet and start recording ECGs!

Kallows entry level product, the ultra portable mobmon 12.0, turns your mobile into a full 12-lead medical quality resting ECG recorder. The tiny mobmon is easily transportable in a zip pouch, and is battery operated for field use. Note: this product requires a mobile or tablet.

We Are Fast

Kallows premier product, the mobmon 12.0 resting ECG recorder can stream a live ECG to your mobile or a Kallows’ remote doctor. Our remote doctors have fast response times, and substantial experience in emergency medicine and cardiology.

Remote Diagnosis

Telemedicine is the Key to Kallows’ products. We connect our medical devices to your mobile and PC or to our team of doctors. This gives us remote diagnosis capabilities, which means cutting response times and saving lives.

PC & Mobile Support

Kallows has a complete ecosystem of software and services for mobiles and PCs. A PC-based remote application gets all of your ECGs no matter where you are. Your medical records are automatically pushed to your PC for your analysis and printing of reports.

Cloud Storage

We provide a cloud-based solution for streaming your ECGs. We can provide automatic restore of your medical records if you lose or damage your mobile or PC, or even if you are just moving to a new PC or mobile.