• Speech development can be started as early as 1.8 year of age
  • Learning duration is almost half for communication development
  • Easily mingle up in same age group children
  • Normal school integration
  • Child learn more meaningful
  • Social acceptance is high
  • Self-initiation and self-expressive
  • Confident and motivated
  • Speedy speech and language development in term of vocabulary enhancement and language development


Speechifi is a digital Speech trainer device using advanced digital sound processing technology based on Sound-X-Engine. It is noninvasive, portable battery operated device. Speechifi is assistive communication devices that assist and prepare educators and therapists to perform systematic and effective speech and language training for child with Autism, Delayed Speech and language, Hearing impairment, Low I.Q., Expressive & receptive developmental language disorder and learning disability. It also provides auditory training for child with hearing impairment. The advance Sound-X-Engine technology differentiates it from app based speech instruments. The enhance feature of Speechifi acts as a catalyst to child speedy recovery.

Clinical purpose

Speechifi is helpful improving receptive and expressive language skills. Speechifi designed to continuously enhance the learning capability of children by using its three modality approach i.e Visual, Audio and tactile modality. Speechifi store and deliver high quality sound with full acoustic energy which enables a user to listen properly and differentiate between two distinct sounds. User can get Live and recordable speech stimulation both in native language.

Used by

Device can be used by Special Educator, Therapist, individual at classroom, clinic and home

Overview of functionality

Operates from internal rechargeable battery. Operator can give live or recorded speech stimulation through headphone or inbuilt speaker output. Volume can be controlled by keypad. Operator can record own voice in any language in two different section and recorded output can be play repeatedly for speech stimulation to child. There is inbuilt light within device which is helpful in enhancing attention and eye-contact of child. Flash cards are provided with devices which are categorized into vowels, words, sentences, story selling. These cards cover all lexical categories, syntax, semantic and pragmatic for speech and language development of child.


Problems cover

  • Delayed Speech and language
  • Hearing impairment
  • Low I.Q.
  • Autism
  • Expressive and receptive developmental language disorder
  • Learning disability
  • Down syndrome
  • Cervical palsy


  • Capability to do 1:1 therapy
  • Visual, Audio and tactile modality.
  • High Sound quality with full acoustic energy output.
  • Live, recordable and repetitive speech stimulation.
  • Output by headphone and inbuilt speaker.
  • Inbuilt light on two card slots for attention build up
  • Complete speech and language development cards
  • Portable.
  • Easily user interface keypad.
  • Rechargeable battery operated.
  • LCD screen for navigation


ISO13485 , CE Certificates