XD100 Respirator mask

SKU: MP38304

Affordable and Innovative Respirator Made in India, for India and all across the globe to fight against the Covid19.

  • Highest standards with FDA, CDC (USA), ISO and CE approvals,
  • Re-usable to improve the cost-effectiveness over a period of time
  • Highest standard medical grade material, which is even Autoclavable
  • Silicon lining helps in sealing (leak proof) and gives good comfort fit on the face leaving minimal marks
  • Exhaust valve helps release exhalation easily and maintain a comfortable temperature inside the mask
  • High-quality replaceable filters maintain optimum pressure drop inside
  • Highest medical grade silicon straps used to avoid skin irritation for longer use
  • A reasonable area inside the mask for jaw movement needed to talk comfortably
  • Easy disinfection, cleaning, and storage
  • Long shelf life similar to any other medical device
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