Dimensions:33.00cm x 41.00cm x 23.50cm

  • It Has ULV Micro Fogger Provides Excellent Control Of Droplet Size, Even For Near-Invisible 7-10 Micron Droplets Needed By Concentrated ULV  Chemicals.
  • It Has The Micro-Fogger Can Treat 2-4,000 Cubic Feet Per Minute, Reducing Application Time And Labor Costs.
  • It Can Deliver Up To 300 ml/min In A Mist Of Large (30 Micron) Droplets Used In Humidification, Dust Abatement And Sanitizing Work.
  • It Has  Advanced Micro-Fogger Can Apply Either Oil Or Waterbased Chemicals.
  • It Has Easy To Calibrate When Changing Liquids.

Features :

  • Its Highest Area Coverage As Compared To Any Other Conventional Fogger.
  • It Has 304 Grade SS Body.
  • It Has 20000 RPM Motor.
  • It Has One Turn Brass Valve Control Value.
  • It Can Atomize Both Oil Based And Water Based Liquid