TissueTek DRS 2000

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The TissueTek DRS 2000 Multiple Slide Stainer was specially developed and constructed for laboratories with a large number of specimen requiring a wide range of staining procedures.The TissueTek DRS 2000 will be used primarily for routine staining procedures in Histology and Cytology Laboratories in performing multiple staining procedures randomly or in batch mode. The TissueTek DRS 2000 can also be used in Haematology and Microbiology. The Tissue Tek DRS 2000 Multiple Slide Stainer is a new concept allowing you to run different staining protocols at the same time and to take appropriate reagent control as well as having higher throughput better productivity and spacesaving design by such new features as Continuous Loading New Agitation systemDoubleDecker Reagent Platform Flexible Processing Stations Interactive Programming

Real workhorse stainer for Histology & Cytology specimensThe TissueTek DRS 2000 Automatic Slide Stainer is an automated randomaccess stainer which carries out multiple staining protocols simultaneously. The DRS 2000 features a twolevel design which efficiently moves slides to various solutions for optimal performance.
Continuous LoadingNew Agitation systemDoubleDecker Reagent PlatformFlexible Processing StationsInteractive Programming

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