Perineal Ice Bag

SKU: MP35983

Medline’s Perineal Ice Bags are anatomically shaped in order to provide great cooling comfort to women recovering after delivery. With a reusable closure, it is easy to refill the Perineal Ice Bag for repeated use on a single patient.

The contoured shape of the Perineal Ice bag provides a good, secure fit for patients. These bags are soft, with a spunbond outer layer that protects the skin, while the impervious dual-layer inner lining keeps moisture in the bag as the ice begins to melt.

In order to prevent patients from getting ice burns, two layers work in conjunction to help prevent moisture from forming on the outside.

Medline’s reusable and refillable ice bags work by applying cold to a particular area to reduce blood circulation, which can help significantly reduce the inflammation and localised swelling that causes pain. Utilising Medline’s ice bags for cold therapy treatment will not compromise a patient’s health, unlike normal ice bags, which could be filled with contaminated ice.

Medline is committed to meeting a wide variety of customer treatment needs, which is why we offer a wide range of cold therapy products in different shapes and sizes.

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