Surgical Hair Clipper and Charger

SKU: MP35984

Medline’s Electric Surgical Clipper is designed for optimal preoperative hair removal. The clipper is easy to handle and offers one-handed manoeuvrability and better control thanks to the non-slip handle grips on the sides.

Medline also offers three different high-grade steel clipper blades to meet different hair clipping needs, which are compatible with this electric clipper. This electric clipper for surgery has a powerful motor and has been tested extensively for usability. Medline’s Surgical Clipper provides safety, convenience and efficiency in preoperative hair removal, and is designed for:
Performance: longer battery life
Outcomes: water-resistant and easy to disinfect
Clinicians: pen-like grip for comfort and control
Patients: single-patient-use for sharpness and safety
Simplicity: simple, one-switch control with wall-mount or freestanding charging base
Versatility: blades available for sensitive areas, general purpose or coarse hair types.

In addition, these clippers offer a natural grip, an optimal cutting angle and the ability to work while wet or dry for simple cleaning, disinfection and use. Medline’s clipper comes with a charging base, which can also be utilised as a stand to hold the clippers.

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