Neonatal hTSH FEIA Plus

hTSH is eluted from dried blood disks. It simultaneously forms a sandwich between the solid phase, coated with an antibody that recognizes a subunit of hTSH and a second antibody derived against another subunit of hTSH, which is labeled with horseradish peroxidase (HRP).

Labsystems Diagnostics’ Neonatal hTSH FEIA Plus is a fluorometric enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative determination of human thyroid stimulating hormone (hTSH, human thyrotropin) in blood samples dried on filter paper as a primary test for screening of babies for congenital hypothyroidism (CH).
Minimal background
Good stability
Good agreement with CDC samples
Calibrated against the latest international references (WHO and ISNS)

61 99 882, Grade 903, 5 strip plates (12×8), 480 wells
61 99 883, Grade 903, 10 strip plates (12×8), 960 wells
61 99 880, Grade 903, 10 solid plates, 960 wells

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