GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound (Refurbished)

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The GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound, is a high-end women’s health 4D ultrasound machine that has a price and features in-between the Voluson E8 and the Voluson S6. The Voluson line from GE is known worldwide for providing the best 4D imaging currently available though Samsung is catching up. The Voluson S8 and S6 look identical and even use most of the same transducers. The main difference is that the S6 uses half the channels of the Voluson S8. This produces a significant difference in image quality between the Voluson S8 and S6. The GE Voluson S8 uses the same cost effective RS transducers as the Voluson-i portable. The Voluson S8 offers near E8 level image quality at a lower price and much smaller, lighter form factor.


All Voluson ultrasound machines are focused on women’s health, especially obstetrics, gynecology, and fertility. Secondary applications include general imaging, adult & pediatric cardiology and neonatal cardiology. Doctors looking for shared service capabilities from a GE ultrasound machine should consider the GE Logiq S8 instead.


The GE Voluson S8™ is designed to help streamline procedures. The intuitive user interface, built-in automation and advanced software tools help you maximize time with your patients by reducing time spent on image acquisition, analysis, and reporting.

Built on the foundational Voluson Core Architecture, the power of the Voluson S8 comes from a seamless synergy between probes and platform. The result is excellent image quality – quickly and easily acquired.

  • Gain clinical confidence with superb 2D and 3D image quality optimized for clarity and detail
  • Quickly assess vascular anatomy and functions with advanced color Doppler
  • Achieve the penetration needed for all exam and body types
  • Experience exceptional anatomical realism with HDlive™ technology for 3D and 4D imaging
  • Maximize workflow while enhancing measurement consistency and reproducibility with automated technologies
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