The Next Generation
Wound Care Dressing


Maxiocel is a highly absorbent antimicrobial wound dressing, designed to heal patients suffering from chronic wounds by effectively managing exudates, pain relief and scar improvement. Maxiocel can be used for moderate to heavily exudating wounds of varied depth, shape and size.


Technology: Bioactive Microfiber Gelling Technology (BMG)

Indication: Pressure sores, Diabetic foot ulcers, skin abrasions, burns, surgical wounds

Mechanism: Maxiocel Provides mild haemostasis, pain relief , exudate management, antimicrobial effect, active wound healing and scar improvement.

Material: Natural bio polymer extracted from grade A shellfish Bio-compatible, Polycationic

Type: Highly absorbent microfiber

Sterility: Sterilized using Gamma irradiation

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Use: Single use

Removal: Irrigate with saline or sterile water

Side Effects: None

Implant: No

Flexibility: Micro contours on wound bed of any shape,size or depth Equally active on all sides


Always follow aseptic techniques while dressing a wound.

Irrigate and clean the wound site

Peel open Maxiocel pouch and cut, fold or layer the dressing to fit the wound

Cover and secure with as appropriate secondary dressing

To remove, irrigate with saline/water and gently peel it off

Remove slowly and discard dressing

When using Maxiocel ribbon dressings in deep cavity wounds, insert the ribbon in one piece and leave at least 2 5cm outside the wound for ease of removal. (Do not pack wounds tightly as Maxiocel will expand on gelling)

Change the dressing before it reaches maximum absorption capacity or when exudate can be seen up to 0.5 cm from the edges.

  • Painless healing
  • Formation of cohesive gel matrix
  • Tissue regeneration