HbChek – Smart Hemoglobin Monitoring


The Biosense HbChek meter is designed for a quantitative point of care for whole blood hemoglobin determination in primary care or blood donation systems.

HbChek is in Vitro Diagnostic(IVD) medical device.


Test Principle :

Transmittance/Absorbance Spectrophotometry

Measuring Range :

0 to 25 g/dL

Sample Type :

Fresh Capillary blood or Venous blood (EDTA anti-coagulated)

Sample Volume :

~ 8µl

Precision :


Reading Time :

Quick result in few seconds

Power :

3*AAA Alkaline Batteries/Rechargeable batteries can be used

Size & Weight :

Hand held & light weight(~ 250gms)

Temperature :


Connectivity :

Smart Bluetooth (BLE)

Calibration :

Factory calibrated, No need to recalibrate in field

How to use

Step 1 : Wash hands using soap and warm water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Step 2 : Turn on the meter by pressing-releasing the power button.

Step 3 : Remove a test strip from the vial.

Step 4 : Prick a finger to obtain a blood sample.

Step 5 : Touch and hold the drop of blood to the pointed edge of test strip. The blood is drawn into the test strip by capillary action

Step 6 : Once the blood fills the test strip chamber.Insert the test strip into the HbChek meter.

Step 7 : Your Hemoglobin result will appear on the display window.

Step 8 : Remove the test strip from the meter and discard it. The meter will automatically turned off or long press power button to turn off.