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X17 Pro – Ear Endoscope

MPIN: MP59434

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New Ear Endoscope: BEBIRD X17 Pro uses today’s advanced camera and Wi-Fi technology to let you see clearly inside your ear. It disregards the traditional ear sticks, which only pushes the dirt further into the ear. Instead, it uses a polycarbonate+ soft silica gel ear-spoon and a camera lens for a safe and thorough clean.

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Bebird X17 Pro

Newly Designed Smart Visual Ear Cleaner Pearl Texture: Design with pearl paint. Black and white for you to choose. Bebird…

BEBIRD X17 Pro: To Provide The Ultimate Solution For Ear Cleaning In The Easiest And Safest Way

Bebird X17 Pro Smart Visible Otoscope Ear Cleaner – the safest ear cleaner with soft silica gel ear-spoon.It is Safe Ear Otoscope Cleaner features a built-in camera so you can see inside your ears for thorough cleaning.

Power 1080P HD Camera

The professional ear otoscope is equipped with 5.0 Megapixels and 3.55mm lens length which allows you to see the real-time images of tiny details inside your ear canal.

  • Cold LED light and Shadowless: Comfortable LED light, not dazzling.
  • All-Aluminum Body: High-tech feeling of matte color, powerful High-tech sense.
  • 3.5 mm Diameter Ultra-thin endoscope: thinner than 3.9mm diameter, safety to meet different people.
  • Thoughtful Anti-Slip Design: Avoid hand slippage and ear injury.
  • Type-C Input: More convenient charging.
  • Magnetically Charged Base: Bebird exclusive Magnetically Charged Base technologies combine to ensure the fastest possible charge up to 2.0amps;
  • Base for Storage Accessories: Accessories are stored in the base, it can be replaced anytime and anywhere.

Polycarbonate + Silica Gel Material

The 100% softest ear spoons are made from polycarbonate + high-grade silica gel material, which can be safety to meet different people. The elements degraded from nature will provide the safest protection of your ear canal while cleaning. It can also be used by children over 3 years old.

High-Speed WIFI Chip And Temperature Control

Equipped with a super-fast WIFI chip, Bebird X17 Pro has a very smooth transmission. It provides the highest speed for the APP to function the camera display, making it easy and smooth to set up and auto-connect the product to your phone. Besides, the Bebird X17 Pro provides a similar temperature as the human body. This feature will avoid damage or severe burn to your ear canal..

Easy To Use And Monitor While Your Operate

To use, simply open the cover of the cleaning rod, and the product will automatically pair with the WIFI to activate. You can also monitor the battery life of your Bebird via the app. The app supports both Android and IOS operating systems with multiple languages available.

Get 29 Types Of Ear Spoon Gift Packs For Free

The Bebird X17 includes 11 different accessories that offer 72 various ways of ear cleaning. With 3 different sizes of the soft ear spoons, it cleans your ear at an absolute comfort level. The accessories are durably made for several uses, and are easily replaceable.

Easy To Set Up And Wide Compatibility

Download and install the Bebird APP on your device, it can be easy to connect WiFi with Android smartphone / tablet and IOS iPhone / iPad. More functions, you can not only check ear canal and clean earwax, help your family member do ear exam, but also check ear for your dog, cat with the alcohol sterilization. It is also suitable for skin, teeth examination.


Brand: Bebird

Product Name: Smart visual ear cleaning tool

Item Weight: 32.2g

Network standard: IEE 802.11b/g/n

Antenna: Internal FPC antenna

Working Frequency: 2.4 Ghz

Image sensor: CMOS

Working temperature: -10 ~ 50 ºC

Battery: A2 & M9 Pro, X17 Pro 350mAh lithium battery, B1 300mAh, C3 250mAh

Battery life: About 90 minutes(once full charging)

Full charging time: 1.5h

Input parameters : 5V – 0.4A

Working Voltage: 4.7V

Amount of Power: 5W

Lens diameter: 4.5mm

Optimum focal length: 1.5 ~ 2cm

Pixel: 5.0 Megapixels(A2), 3.0 Megapixels(C3, C3 Pro, M9 Pro, X17 Pro), 2.0 Megapixels(B1, )

Gyroscope: 6 Axis(X17 Pro) 4 Axis(A2, M9 Pro), 3 Axis(B1, C3, K10)

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