WILAmed Intensa Go Ventilator

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Versatility and simplicity

The all new WILAmed Ventilator INTENSA Go offers great versatility and simplicity. It is designed to ventilate (invasive or non-invasive) adult and pediatric patients, starting at 50 ml tidal volume and at least 5 kg body weight. Thanks to its lightweight and durable design, powerful hotswappable batteries (2×4,5 hours) ensure comfortable portability.

Its unique ventilation functions are making it the perfect choice in the critical- and home care environment, either stationary or mobile. Innovative features such as LIAM (Lung Insufflation Assist Maneuver), three storable ventilation programs, volume compensation, AirTrap Control, Trigger lockout and the expiratory ramp – gives you quick and reliable support with ideal therapy settings.


More innovative features

  • Smart mobility concept
  • Compatible with multiple Breathing Circuits Configurations
  • Optional double limb patient circuit with including active valve for volume-controlled ventilation modes (aVCV, VCV)
  • Innovative features such as integrated cough support “LIAM”, mobilizes airway secretions, making it easier for patients to cough
  • Three storable ventilation programs
  • Mouthpiece ventilation and volume compensation
  • Particularly suited for COPD patients: the features exhalation monitoring AirTrap Control, Trigger lockout and expiratory ramp
  • Simple and direct monitoring of oxygen saturation and pulse with the optional SpO2 module { Shock tested according


Just GO with one of the best ventilators in its class

  • Possibility to store three individually set ventilation programs for patients who need varying degrees of ventilation support. With the simple press of a key, the doctor, nurse or patient can select the individual programs to satisfy the patient’s needs.
  • LIAM (Lung Insufflation Assist Maneuver): the integrated cough support is easy to use and requires no change of interfaces. The patient himself or a nurse can safely activate the LIAM function.
  • Volume compensation: Function to guarantee a pre-set target volume. The speed can be set in three levels (Source WILAmed)



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