Vacuactivus cryotherapy, recovery and rehabilitation equipment

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We are pleased to introduce Vacuactivus a world leading manufacturer and seller of a whole body cryosaunas, portable cryotherapy machines, recovery and rehabilitationequipment and innovative fitnessequipment.

The manufacturer has helped to equip a many successful projects around the world including cryotherapy facilities, medical offices, beauty, spas, recovery centers, rehabilitation clinics, gyms, and hotels.

We produce a huge range of innovative equipment as vacuum tredmills for gyms, slimming tunnels for weight loss centers, cryosaunas for cryotherapy studios and aquatic rehabilitation bikes for wellness facilities.

Our machines activate your body’s ability to target and burn specific areas of fat and cellulite, making it much easier for your body to rid itself of deeply stored fat. Lose weight and inches and giving you smoother and tighter skin in less than 10 sessions.Our vaccum treadmills and bikes as called as opposite technology to a zero gravity treadmills for recovery , rehabilitation and weight loss benefits.

Our company as a leading manufacturer of cryogenic chambers and other cryo recoveryequipmentis our reliable backbone with high class expertise in science, engineering, finance and manufacturing ensuring a targeted approach to all your cryogenic or weight loss requirements.Our years of experience in low temperature recovery and weight loss technologies helped to create a best model of whole body cryotherapy chamber and portable cryo machine which should be available on market.

Business owners can avail our innovative products & services for your existing clients through the use of our body rejuvenation, weight loss, aquaticrehabilitation and healing by low temperaturemachines. Your clients will experience a world of difference in their body and health transformation and this revolutionary fitness recovery and rehabilitation equipment will help to set your business apart from any your competitors. (Source Vacuactivus)

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