TissueTek Prisma Plus & TissueTek Glas g2 Coverslipper

High reliability, combined with excellent quality and user convenience; these are the core values the new glass

coverslipper is designed and built for.

Linking the Glas™ g2 Coverslipper to the Prisma® Automated Slide Stainer produces true walk away capability,

resulting in increased staining flexibility and continuous loading of up to 60 slides per run. Loading of the Glas™ g2

whilst the Prisma® Automated Slide Stainer is running, makes the Glas™ g2 a true breakthrough in glass coverslipping

by making the Glas™ g2 Coverslipper available for other applications.

Increased reliability and minimised maintenance issues are achieved on the Glas™ g2 Coverslipper by the use of

the patented Mechatronics™ mechanism.

The Glas™ g2 has an unloading capacity of 240 slides using special drying racks. The separate drying racks

decrease drying time whilst prevent the sticking of slides to the baskets.

Nine different coverslipping programs, which can be used randomly for different histopathology and cytology

purposes and its compatibility with all commercially available mounting media makes the Glas™ g2 is the most

advanced glass coverslipper available.

Sakura Finetek is the only true partner for high quality integrated staining and glass coverslipping in your laboratory.

TissueTek Prisma Plus &amp TissueTek Glas g2 provides high reliability user convenience and flexibility in staining and glass coverslipping. One system for routine and special staining with Integrated Track &amp Trace with barcode reading.
Improved quality, efficiency and user friendliness

Rapid glass coverslipping with 360 slides per hour

One system for routine and special staining

Integrated track & trace and slide identification with barcode reading

An air bubble free result through Mechatronics mechanism
Interfaced Automated Slide Stainer and Glass Coverslipper

• An air bubble free result through the Mechatronics™ mechanism

• Manual loading possibility of slide baskets in Glas™ g2, when linked to Tissue-Tek® Prisma®

• Improved workflow, with unloading capacity up to 240 slides

• Decreased drying time of slides

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Throughput Up to 330 slides per hour both standalone and when linked to Prisma®

Dimensions Glas™ g2

W x D x H 75 x 62 x 75 cm

Dimensions Prisma®

W x D x H 125 x 71 x 63 cm

Dimensions Link between Prisma® and Glas™ g2

W x D x H 200 x 71 x 75 cm

Number of Staining Reservoirs

Start Stations 1 to 3 stations

Reagent Stations 31 to 51 stations

Drying Stations 0 to 2 stations

Wash Stations 0 to 4 stations (8 programmable steps)

Heating Stations 2 optional stations


Reagent Volume 160, 260 and 680 ml

Staining Protocols 11 runs continuously loading and

simultaneously running at the same time

Baskets 10 –or 20 slide baskets

Loading Up to 60 slides per run (both when

linked to Glas™ g2 and stand alone)

Unloading Up to 240 slides in the Glas™ g2


Drying Station 30 – 65°C

Heating Station 30 – 70°C

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