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Stryker Crossfire And Iswitch Kit


375-545-000-E Stryker 4.0 mm Tomcat Shaver Blade, Formula (Expired) 5
277-100-100 Stryker iSwitch™ Wireless Foot Pedal 1
375-535-000 Stryker 3.5 mm Tomcat Shaver Blade, Formula 5
375-704-500 Stryker Formula CORE™ Shaver Handpiece, Hand Control 1
380-544-100-E Stryker 4.0 mm Angled Aggressive Plus, Formula (Expired) 10
279-401-100-E Stryker SERFAS 4.0 mm 90-S Max Probe (Expired) 3
475-000-000 Stryker Crossfire Integrated Arthroscopy Console 1
375-542-000 Stryker 4.0 mm Resector Shaver Blade, Formula 5
279-350-201-E Stryker SERFAS 3.5 mm Lateral RF Probe (Expired) 3
475-331-000-E Stryker 3.5 mm Dual Edge CrossBlade (Expired) 5
277-200-100 Stryker iSwitch™ Universal Footswitch Console 1

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