Stephanie The Ventilation system for Neonatology and Pediatrics

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Success in the area of top-class medical technology lies in the details. And it is in these details that the STEPHANIE neonatal ventilation system excels. The unique combination of ventilator, patient gas humidifier, oscillator and monitor available for the first time in this unit opens previously unimagined possibilities with regards to diagnostics and treatment. STEPHANIE is an excellent example of how clinical experience and technical expertise can lead to an outstanding product.


Conventional Respiration

STEPHANIE provides all conventional ventilation modes such as CPAP, S-IMV, A/C (assisted/controlled ventilation), V-CMV (volume-controlled ventilation) with various inspration flow patterns as well as P-CMV (pressure-controlled ventilation) with various inspiratory pressure patterns. The V-CMV mode is equipped with leak-gas compensation with which the inspiratory leakage frequently associated with premature infants can, to a great extent, be offset. STEPHANIE now also offers PSV for patient-triggered ventilation procedures.


Volume Limited Ventilation

Premature infants undergoing controlled ventilation tend to synchronize their respiration to the ventilator’s rhythm, resulting in so-called “entrainment”. This can result in an undesirably high inspiration tidal volume and a possible volume trauma. In order to counteract this tendency, the P-CMV of the new STEPHANIE provides volume limitation. Once the expiration volume reaches the volume limit, the pressure of the sub-sequent inspiration is limited or applied at the lowest possible ventilation pressure, thus safely and quickly preventing an excessively high tidal volume. We refer to this as the „minimum volume guarantee“.


HFO Ventilation

The integrated high-frequency oscillation ventilation (HFOV) can be initiated at the push of a button and without any delay or the necessity of changing patient tubes. The unique patient ventilator means that there are no additional compressible volumes which can reduce the performance of the HFO.

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