Sophie – Neonatology & Pediatric Ventilator System

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Sophie – Innovative Neonatology Ventilator System

For our new neonatology ventilation system SOPHIE we have cooperated closely with renowned physicians at home and abroad in the successful development of a ventilation system based on the proven first-rate technology of STEPHANIE. However, SOPHIE sets a new standard in terms of efficiency, design and handling. SOPHIE povides all conventional pressure-controlled ventilation modes. The wide range of applications has been supplemented by patient-triggered ventilation PSV together with optional high frequency oscillation.

All settings can be adjusted with just one single rotary knob. The intuitive operating concept guides the user systematically through the ventilation menu. Only those parameters relevant to the chosen ventilation form are visible and can even be adjusted easily to the patient’s needs before starting ventilation. Efficient monitoring permits safe supervision at all times. An additional plus is the high compatibility with STEPHANIE: patient components and tubes as well as sensors are identical, an exchange between both devices is possible without any problems.

Ventilation forms

Easy accelerated change between all established, conventional and pressure controlled ventilation forms is possible with just a single menu selection. Also included is the volume guarantee feature, which controls respiratory pressure of the subsequent inspiration corresponding to the previously measured expiratory tidal volume.


High Frequency Oscillation HFOV

SOPHIE combines High Frequency Oscillation and conventional ventilation forms in one device. HFOV can be activated immediately without replacing the patient tube by the push of just a single button. The application of an integrated, active respiratory humidifier does not create any additional compressible volumes which may affect HFOV performance.


SPOC-SpO2 Controller

Fritz Stephan GmbH has developed the oxygen saturation controller “SPOC” (SpO2Controller) together with leading German University Hospitals.

This oxygen saturation controller is now available for our neonatal ventilation unit SOPHIE. By combining SOPHIE & SPOC with the existing SpO2 monitoring at the clinic double measurement can be avoided. Ventilation units can be equipped with this new technology swiftly and easily.


External Trigger

A system, newly developed by Fritz Stephan GmbH measures the abdominal movement of the patient via an external respiration sensor converting the data into a stable responsive (<30ms) trigger signal.

SPOC helps to:

+ prevent hyperoxia, to reduce oxidative stress

+ prevent hypoxia, to avoid hemorrhage and damage to brain tissue

+ reduce SpO2 fluctuation

+ increase the period within the SpO2 target range

+ Warranty and Services provided anywhere in India




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