SonoScape E1 Ultrasound Machine

The SonoScape E1 is categorized as an economy portable ultrasound system that is designed for abdominal, cardiac, gynecology, musculoskeletal, obstetrical, pediatric, small parts, cephalic, urology, veterinary, and vascular exams. More advanced hardware and software platforms has been developed from the older generation, SonoScape A6; the SonoScape E1 integrated a number of advanced imaging technologies such as the full digital broad band width beam former, wide band dynamic range, and multi-beam parallel processing. Although it is targeting a B/W low-cost market, it supports PW Doppler, Auto IMT, Spatial Compounding, Auto Image Optimization, Stand-by Mode, Enhanced Needle Visualization, Panoramic imaging with 2 standard probe ports and 15.6″ LED monitor. The SonoScape E1 and E2 share a similar system architecture, however, the SonoScape E2 incorporates more options enable to better cover clinical applications and workflow.