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Soft Collar


Code : M001

​Sizes Available :S /M/ L/ XL


  • Soft polyurethane
  • Covered with hypo allergenic cotton stockinet
  • Perforated collar body
  • Indications :

  • Preventive care, to relieve muscle tension during work, travel, watching TV and Reading.
  • Minor neck injuries like sprain, strain and automobile whiplash

    How to Measure: Measure neck height from lower jaw to shoulder in inches

    Sizes In Cms/In Inchs
    Small 7.5-8.75 cms/ 3-3.5 inches
    Medium 8.75-10 cms/3.5-4 inches
    Large 10-11.25 cms/4-4.5 inches
    Extra Large 11.25-12.5cms/4.5-6 inches
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