Smith & Nephew Intrasite Gel Applipak , 25 g

SKU: MP33249

Features & Benefits

Partially hydrated hydrogel formulation Contains propylene glycol Applipak container, available in range of sizes Debriding action Desloughing action Creates a moist wound healing environment Gentle action Low adherent Clinically proven Bacteriostatic effect East to use Benefits IntraSite Gel’s partially hydrated formulation allows the gel to donate moisture to drier environments and absorb in wetter environments, creating a moist wound healing environment. Debriding Action IntraSite Gel rehydrates necrotic tissue and, by its gentle yet effective action, promotes rapid debridement. Desloughing Action IntraSite Gel absorbs slough and exudate without damaging fragile granulation tissue. Creates a Moist Wound Healing Environment

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