Single-Use Cluster Keyback Bouffant Cap

SKU: MP35978

Medline’s Comfort line of Single-Use Bouffant Caps are manufactured from a soft and breathable cluster keyback material with a latex-free elastic band, and are ideal headwear for a high level of protection and comfort. The Comfort line offers protection against microorganism contamination, making it the preferred line for the operating theatre.

This light and roomy cap with a round shape features a latex-free elastic band all the way around, fully and securely covering all hair. The latex-free elastic band also ensures that the cap sits comfortably on the forehead. Covering your head and hair helps reduce the risk of foreign particles getting into surgical wounds and protects patients from potential contamination. Bouffant caps are suitable for long and short hairstyles.

These one-size-fits-most bouffant caps provide the highest level of comfort, breathability and protection thanks to the cluster keyback material.

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