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Selenia Dimensions 2D3D

A flexible digital breast imaging platform providing state-of-the-art image acquisition and display

The Selenia® Dimensions™ 2D full-field digital mammography system, the newest addition to our family of breast imaging solutions, offers the superior image quality you have come to expect from Hologic and can be configured for 3D breast imaging when and if breast tomosynthesis is approved by the FDA.

The Selenia Dimensions 2D acquisition workstation features integrated x-ray control capabilities and an image acquisition console that offers a unique ergonomic design and an efficient user interface. An intuitive touchscreen display and an icon-driven user interface make it easy to use, improving patient throughput.

Images can be acquired and reviewed within seconds, and the imaging parameters can be adjusted quickly to meet the requirements of the examination. Several weeks of mammography examinations can stay locally on the acquisition workstation, to efficiently accommodate recalls.

Selenia Dimensions 2D has built-in quality controls which streamline system QC and assures optimal performance. Reject and repeat analysis reports are generated automatically, greatly simplifying administrative reporting. Altogether it’s a better way to capture, analyze and share information across the team.

A Way to Be Surer. Sooner.

Breast tomosynthesis is the newly emerging method for delivering high quality images of breast tissue in three dimensions. We have good reason to believe it will be a quantum leap forward in breast cancer detection. Selenia Dimensions rapidly captures a series of low-dose images at different views around the breast.

From these original images, we can quickly compute a “synthetic tomogram” sequence, separating the full depth of tissue into discrete one-millimeter layers. This separation of tissue into virtual layers helps the physician clearly see features which might be obscured in a traditional mammogram.

Breast Imaging for Today and Beyond.The Selenia Dimensions 2D system is the ideal choice for centers that want a flexible digital breast imaging platform with state-of-the-art image acquisition and display features.Digital Mammography and Breast Tomosynthesis from Hologic.Selenia Dimensions starts with technology similar to that of our celebrated Selenia full-field digital mammography system. With its large amorphous selenium detector, it too can “direct capture” conventional digital mammograms with the same extraordinary clarity you’ve come to expect from Selenia. And incorporating a tungsten tube means we can do it with even less patient radiation dose than before. But Selenia Dimensions takes you to the next step in detection: fast, low-dose, high-quality tomosynthesis images of the breast.

Tomosynthesis Benefits

Removes overlapping structures
Increases lesion visibility
Facilitates margin analysis
Helps localize structures
Tomosynthesis Outcomes

Reduces recall rate (increased specificity)
Potential to increase cancer detection (increased sensitivity)
Image Resolution

Reconstructed pixel size of 90µm is superior to original detector resolution
Images are acquired at 140µm
Resolution optimized for display on tomo-enabled workstations
Image quality proven through multi-center clinical trials
Proven Technologies
Direct Conversion Detector – Optimal Pixel Size

Preserves image sharpness by completely eliminating the image-degrading effects of light diffusion
70 Micron pixel pitch, the most effective pixel size for visualization and characterization of smallest microcalcifications
Ongoing detector optimization program ensures enhanced stability and longevity
HTC Grid

Cross-hatch design reduces scatter in X & Y direction
Allows 70-80% transmission of primary beam
Grid automatically retracts for magnification and tomo views
Goes from screening to diagnostic or tomo to 2D imaging in ~ 2 seconds
Grid never has to be handled, eliminating potential for damage
Optimized Tube Technology

Bi-angular tungsten (W) x-ray tube
Rhodium (Rh) filtration for most breast types

Silver (Ag) filtration for breasts over 7 cm (compressed)

Tungsten dose: 1.0 – 1.2 mGy
W-Ag combination optimal for larger breasts*
Reduced dose without increasing exposure time

Decreases likelihood of patient motion

Innovative AEC

Intelligent tissue selection using two sensing areas for optimum technique selection
15 cm travel from chest wall
Accommodates imaging of larger breasts

FAST Paddles

Provides proper and consistent compression across the entire breast without over-compression at the chest wall
Reduced motion artifacts

More uniform compression

Maximum patient comfort

Smart Paddle System

Smart Paddle System and fully automatic collimation allows small breasts to be imaged on large detector
When paddle is shifted, AEC and collimation automatically moves to proper position
Optimized Detector always ready to acquire images

Latest, innovative selenium detector technology
Stable, long lasting detector

Ultrafast electronics for instant image read
Self-contained cooling system for independent temperature control
Independent power cycle for instant-on operation
High Patient Throughput without compromising patient care

High resolution preview image available 4 – 6 seconds following end of exposure
Rapid detector recycle time
Move from image to image without delay

Flexibility to accept, reject, or pend images
Ergonomic Design for enhanced patient comfort

Slim tubehead for easier, more comfortable positioning
70 cm SID to facilitate interventional procedures
Easy access for wheelchair or stretcher
Recessed area on each side of C-arm for natural positioning of hands
Compression Paddle Innovations streamlined workflow

Lightweight, plastic-only paddles install directly on compression carriage; simply change plastic to move from paddle to paddle.
Each paddle registers through miniscule, surface-mounted electronics
Efficient Display

SecurViewDX 400 workstation optimized to view tomosynthesis images
Supports tomo, 2D, combined 2D+tomo, and tomo projections
Multiple display options to facilitate efficient review
Slices, stacks, cine, slabbing

Co-registered 2D + tomo display toggling
2D CAD displayed on tomo slices
Networking Considerations

100 Mbps may be acceptable, depending on overall traffic
1 Gbps switched network is more than adequate for handling this volume of data
Web-based PACS clients may not be able to handle the transmission and display of tomo data

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2D Imaging

Delivers superb image quality at reduced dose
Offers efficient workflow and a number of advanced features
Tomo Imaging

Can be used as an advanced diagnostic tool
Offers superb diagnostic clarity at reduced dose
Combo Imaging

Designed to offer higher diagnostic accuracy in screening mammography
Dose efficient option to maintain best image quality and workflow efficiency

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