Schiller Cardiovit – CS-20 Stress Test System (TMT Machine)

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The CARDIOVIT CS-20 cardiac workstation combines Resting & Exercise ECG in one unit. Based on Windows 7/8 software, the system ensures easy of use for a wide range of ECG analysis options. Product features given below,

  • PC Based Stress Test System with Bluetooth Capability
  • PC based cardiac workstation combines Resting & Exercise ECG in one unit
  • PC based technology, WINDOWS 7/8 software ensures ease of use
  • Digital Signal Acquisition Module eliminates noise & gives distortion free ECG signal
  • Full disclosure of all 12 leads for beat-to-beat analysis & extended documentation
  • User configured Multiple Report Format for Resting & Exercise ECG
  • The final report includes information on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Treadmill Speed/Grade, ST Trends relating to stage wise & recovery phase
  • Simultaneous acquisition & display of 12 lead Raw ECG during the resting & exercise ECG mode
  • Time based METS calculation
  • Online Linked Median printing
  • F1 to F8 shortcut keys for important functions
  • Treadmill Soft Stop option for stopping the treadmill after 20 seconds in Recovery Mode
  • Customized Lead Sequence for Display
  • Choice of 6/12 leads display along with 12 leads Average Complex & maximum ST elevations/depressions on a single screen
  • Identity Card ECG printout
  • Choice of 4 fonts for printouts
  • Web enabled software allows sending images via email
  • Facility to get system generated Auto Statement Report
  • Laser printer provides high quality stage wise printouts on ordinary A4 sized paper saving on cost of consumables
  • Fully interfaced indigenous treadmill


Optional Features


  • Spirometry
  • Ambulatory Holter Monitoring
  • Wireless transmission via bluetooth of real time 12 lead ECG data from patient to acquisition Rs.30,000 extra
  • Customer needs to buy Computer, Printer, UPS 30 min backup, Servo Stabilizer 3.5KVA and Computer Trolley
  • Warranty and Services provided anywhere in India



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