Samsung Accuvix XG Ultrasound (Refurbished)

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Samsung Accuvix XG Ultrasound Machine

The Samsung Accuvix XG was the top of the line system from Samsung prior to the release of the newer Accuvix A30. The XG was meant as a direct replacement to the popular Accuvix XQ as a shared service system capable of both 4D OBGYN images as well as full cardiac scans.


Medison has been in the 4D ultrasound game for longer than any existing company (including GE). In fact, the Voluson 730was a Medison product before GE purchased the rights to it. Medison has done 4D since 1996, and GE entered the game 5 years later when it acquired the Voluson 730 line from Medison.

In other words, you have to take Medison seriously when you’re looking at a 4D women’s health ultrasound machine.

Enter the Accuvix XG. This is a mid-range cart-based ultrasound machine, with excellent 2D, 3D, and 4D image quality. Ideally this refurbished ultrasound is for those looking for a unit more modern than the Voluson 730, yet less expensive than the higher-end GE, Philips, and Samsung lines of 4D ultrasound machines.

Medison Accuvix XG Feature Review

One of the keys to the good 4D imaging on the Accuvix XG is its solid 2D imaging performance. You can’t, after all, get a good 4D image without a good 2D image. For this, the used Samsung Accuvix XG includes excellent image optimization features, including speckle reduction imaging, compound imaging, and full spectrum transducer technology.

For the 4D features, the Smart Filter Volume Imaging feature in the video. This is a feature that can really bring out an excellent 4D image. It also includes HD Volume Imaging to assist in improved diagnosis in 3D images. The Accuvix is also user-friendly with an articulating monitor, height-adjustable keyboard, and a nice touchscreen for easy manipulation and navigation.

Accuvix XG and Buying a Women’s Health Ultrasound Machine

The women’s health market seems like it’s flooded with a lot of machines that seem to do the same thing. It’s a tough decision when there are so many choices. This machine falls in a mid-price range and provides very good image quality as well as solid 4D imaging.

The 4D may not seem perfect at first, but it takes a little tweaking and proper use of the 2D imaging presets. Plus, the Smart Filter Volume Imaging does a nice job improving overall 4D image quality.

The Accuvix XG is a good choice for women’s health imaging… particularly for those looking for 4D imaging. The superficial image quality is very good for breast ultrasound, and its standard 2D imaging for OB/GYN is very good.

Medison Accuvix XG Review:

The Accuvix XG is an affordable mid-range ultrasound machine that offers a nice choice for cart based 4D ultrasound, for full women’s health, vascular, and general imaging capabilities.

As with any 4D ultrasound, the key is to get a really great 2D image first, and this gets a great 2D image. Then you get familiar with the different parameters for optimizing a 4D the image. Medison is consolidate a lot of those parameters into nice little presets. In particular, it’s the Smart Filter Volume Imaging, which is a less intimidating way to achieve better image quality in 4D. This is an improvement over the way the older Volusons and Medisons, and other systems handled 4D image optimization.



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