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Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator

SKU: MP20461

Our V680 ventilator is the first to combine our best-in-class, single-limb NIV solution with a fully featured, dual-limb system designed to deliver advanced life support for critically ill patients in your ICU.

It is fast and easy to switch from invasive to noninvasive ventilation. The V680 ventilator provides continuous measurements of dynamic resistance, compliance, elastance, and plateau pressure in both single and dual-limb invasive and noninvasive modes.

Many ICU ventilator manufacturers focus on developing invasive, life-supporting applications first. That could be in part because creating NIV systems is categorically more challenging due to the nature of dynamically changing leaks around the mask. With the V680, advanced NIV technology is a primary focus that is weighted equally with our invasive solutions.

The result is a system that unites the proven performance of our V60 noninvasive ventilator with an invasive ventilator designed specifically for critically ill ICU patients. You get the breath delivery and active exhalation you would expect from a critical care ventilator – without the inconvenience of switching between two machines.


Built-in backup

The V680 provides apnea backup ventilation for both invasive and noninvasive spontaneous modes. And the system’s integrated, four-hour backup battery supports uninterrupted care during power failures and intra-hospital patient transport.


Fast to learn, Easy to use

Our V680 ventilator has the same look, feel, and simple user interface as our gold standard V60 ventilator. So if you’re already familiar with the V60, you’ll quickly master the V680. Even first-timers tell us it’s fast to learn and easy to use, right from the start. Since all modes share a common interface and consistent operation, there’s no need to learn a new set of commands as you transition between invasive and noninvasive ventilation. Not only does this minimize staff training, it may help reduce errors and makes it simple to switch back and forth.

More comfortable for your patients

The V680 is also easy on your patients. In a recent study, Philips AutoTrak NIV technology was shown to deliver the highest level of ventilator synchrony, a quality directly linked to improved patient comfort. Interface compliance is also a significant factor in successful noninvasive ventilation. Philips Respironics offers a wide range of masks to fit your adult and pediatric patients.

Adapts to your patient

The V680 uses Auto-Trak technology to automatically adapt to your patient’s breathing pattern and deliver a high level of synchrony during noninvasive therapy. A smart algorithm allows auto-adaptive leak compensation, inspiratory triggering, and expiratory cycling to deliver synchrony in the face of dynamic leak and changing patient demand.

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