Oxygize Portable Natural Oxygen Can Cylinder Canister With Protective Mask For Air Pollution, Quick Recovery, Boosting Immune System, Boost Energy Level, Easy To Carry (150 Breaths Approx.)

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Pure and Natural Oxygen Canister for Daily Oxygen Needs

Pure and Natural Oxygen can for your oxygen needs. When you’re visit high altitude places, it’s a must to keep oxygize oxygen canister as essential oxygen supplies to make your trekking activities go smoother. Oxygize oxygen canister comes with a pre-equipped mask for inhaling oxygen instantly.

Oxygen at High Altitude Traveling

High altitude can also be a problem for people with cardiopulmonary disease, many of whom take long haul flights on commercial aircraft. They need to know how their condition can be affected by the cabin altitude of the aeroplane (typically 1800-2500 m).

Oxygen and Immunity

Low oxygen levels in the tissues (hypoxia) can suppress some aspects of the immune response, while at the same time it can induce and accentuate other important functions of the immune cells. The puzzling duality of hypoxia’s effects on immunity are both challenging to investigate and important to understand.

Oxygen for Recovery

Red blood cells contain haemoglobin which carries oxygen. When hemoglobin carrying oxygen it is described as “saturated with oxygen”. Blood is oxygenated in the lungs and is then pumped by the heart to the tissues. In arterial blood 98% of haemoglobinis saturated with oxygen. The brain is damaged very quickly if the supply of oxygen to the tissues is interrupted. A shortage of oxygen in the tissues is called hypoxia.

For Clearing Lungs

Clearing your lungs, regular use of Oxygize has been proven to help keep you healthy. With 90% of our bodies being fueled by Oxygen, you can help stave off illness with the 100% all-natural range.

Patients with lung disease experiencing difficulty breathing can be treated with oxygen therapy. This involves the delivery of “extra” oxygen by a face-mask or through small tubes placed in the nose called nasal prongs. This extra oxygen can have concentrations as high as 100% pure oxygen.

Oxygen Can for Hiking/Camping and Trekking

The areas with the highest mountains are also the areas with the poorest facilities, especially for medical care. Trekkers must therefore understand the effects of altitude on their bodies (hypoxia, cold, and dehydration), the processes of acclimatisation, and prophylaxis against and treatment of altitude illness.

Oxygen Can as Pollution Face Mask

We’re here to help though. Our Oxygize oxygen canisters have been specifically designed to help you reduce the damage from the air you breathe. A few simple breaths of this each day allows you to absorb pure oxygen as and when you need it, helping to fight the dangers of air pollution.

Oxygen for Nausea

Physical distress from difficulty adjusting to lower oxygen pressure at high altitude.

Most cases of altitude sickness are mild, but some may be life-threatening. Symptoms tend to occur within hours after arrival at high altitude and include headache, nausea, shortness of breath and inability to exercise.

Improves Aerobics & Yoga Efforts

Regular use coupled with a healthy lifestyle will see you feeling fitter and healthier; allowing you to get more from exercise and improve your concentration levels. During exercise, your body uses a lot more oxygen and requires fast replenishment. In response, your heart rate and breathing rate increase to transport more oxygen to your muscles and surrounding tissues.

How to use and inhale oxygen with Oxygize Portable Pure Oxygen Canister

Easy to Inhale with Free Face Mask Available as Cap

1. Open the cap and take mask away from the nozzle of the oxygen can

2. Insert the mask onto the mouth of the nozzle of the oxygen can

3. Cover your mouth & nose with the mask and press the nozzle for 1 to 2 seconds, inhaling deeply at the same time.

4. After using, cover back the mask on the top of the can.

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