Osiris 2 Transport Ventilator

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Osiris 2 transport ventilator is light and easy to use. It is highly shock-resistant in all conditions, with 10-hours battery life allows healthcare staff to stay on the go. Robust and easy to use, Osiris is recommended by many medical teams.

A full range to meet different requirements


  • Spirometry measurement
  • Light and easy-to-use portable ventilators
  • Proven robustness: highly shock-resistant, to be used in all conditions
  • Long battery life: 10 hours continuous operation


Controlled Mechanical Ventilation or Assist Controlled Mechanical Ventilation with integrated PEEP with: – either pure oxygen – or an air/oxygen mixture OSIRIS 2 Spontaneous Ventilation with Pressure Support and PEEP, which may be applied non-invasively using a mask; this being done in a controlled pressure safety mode. Minimum respiratory rate setting that guarantees adequate ventilation, even if spontaneous patient respiration stops.

Product Features

  • Tidal volume  100 to 1500 mL
  • Respiratory rate 6 to 40 c/min
  • PEEP  0 to 15 cmH2O
  • Inspiratory trigger  0.5 to – 4 cmH2O
  • I:E ratio 1: 3 to 1:1
  • FiO2 100% or air/O2 mixture
  • CMV-ACMV mode with 100% O2
  • CMV-ACMV mode with air/O2mixture OSIRIS 2
  • Pressure Support 5 to 40 cmH2O
  • PS – PEEP mode with air/O2mixture
  • Warranty and services provided anywhere in India
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