Nvey Eco Alcohol-free Hygienic and Antiseptic Large Bathing Wipes in a Ziplock Pack -Set of 40 Pieces

SKU: MP32891

  • Resealable pack: Eco bath towelettes brings you disposable bathing and refreshing wipes in unique resealable packaging which ensures re-sealing after every pull, thus, keeping the moisture and fragrance intact till the last wipe.
  • Safer and hygenic body cleansing: Disposable bathing and refreshing wipes from eco bath which lift away impurities gently, quickly and effectively from the skin.w
  • This disposable wipes are a safer and hygienic alternative for bathing while being bedridden or need special assistance. It is the ideal product for no rinse body bathing.
  • Alcohol-free and antiseptic wipes: the bathing wipes contain no alcohol which reduces the risk of skin irritation.
  • It contains vitamin e, olive oil extracts and fragrance.
  • These wipes disinfectant and antiseptic that protects the skin from infections.
  • Time saving:Save your time by using eco bath towelettes bathing and refreshing wipes for a quick shower, while showering a person with mobility.
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