NAOMI Direct Digital Radiography CCD Imaging Sensor

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NAOMI Direct Digital Radiography CCD Imaging Sensor

NAOMI Imaging Sensor balances high sensitivity and image resolution by the combination of multiple supersensitive monochrome TST-CCD sensors. This method is achieved with RF’s expertise in CCD technologies. The direct digital radiography CCD imaging sensor NAOMI is opening up a new era in radiography. The user-friendly digital x-ray sensor NAOMI is now becoming the new global standards,

  • The digital radiography sensor NAOMI is the digital x-ray, which is affordable (DR at the cost of a CR!), gentle to users and environment.
  • It assists doctors to start the diagnosis quickly by immediately displaying the image, and cuts down the patients’ waiting time.
  • Thex-ray exposure dosage is drastically reduced, and the x-ray examination becomes gentle enough to babies in the wombs
  • Itsx-ray images are crisp and clear, and it may be possible to detect the breast cancer at an early stage, which is said that one out of 20 women is suffering from
  • Allowsyou to share the captured images by emailing or uploading to a server, even a small clinic in rural area can consult with any specialists from a metropolitan area
  • It does not need any film, chemicals, dark-room or any kind of maintenance
  • “Tobridge healthcare disparity”, the digital radiography sensor NAOMI is widely used in hospitals and clinics regardless of its size or geographic locations
  • Upgrading to digital x-ray is environment friendly without any industrial waste or dangerous chemicals, it reduces the cost from film development and achieves cost reduction in your clinic
  • NAOMI upgrades your existing x-ray set-up to digital on the very same day you receive it only by placing NAOMI instead of film cassette
  • NAOMI can be used in Corporate Hospitals, Government Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Research Centers, Private Nursing Home, Diagnostic Centers, Blood Bank, Diagnostic Laboratory, Medical Centers, Dental Colleges, Pharmacy, Health resorts
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