Meditec England Modular Anaesthesia Workstation

MPIN: MP40771

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Product Details:

Brand: Meditec England

Power: 100 to 240 VAC,50/60 Hz,6.5A (Max.)

Frequency: 1 to100 bpm (f)

Battery: 120 minutes

Tidal Volume: 20 to 1500 mL (VT)

PEEP: Integrated electronic PEEP OFF,4~30cm H2O

Flow Trigger: 1 to 15 L/min (F)

Peak Flow: Greater Than 120 L/min

Pressure Control: 5 to 70 cm H2O

Pressure Support: 5 to 60 cm H2O

Pressure Limit: (PEEP+5) to 70 cm H2O

Vaporiser Mounting: 2 positions,selectatec mounting system,optional 3rd parking position

Gas Supply: Pipeline O2,N2O,Air Cylinder O2,N2O (Optional)

Pressure Gauge: Pipeline pressure gauges and Cylinder pressure gauges

Flow Meter: Choice of Electronic Flow meter or traditional rotameters

ACGO connector: 22 / 15mm

APL Valve: 2 to 70 cm H2O

By Pass: Automatic change soda lime during operation

Bag and Vent switch: Switch for manual ventilation and mechanical ventilation

Physical Dimension: 1570 x 880 x 1000 mm3 (H x W x D)

IE Ratio: 41 to 110 (increment 0.5)

Storage: 2 spacious drawers

Net weight: 108 kg

Communication Connector: VGA,RS232,RJ45,debugging interface

Inspiratory time: 0.1 to10s (increment 0.1 s)

Inspiratory Pause: OFF,5% to 50% (TipTi)


  • Fully integrated, compact & ergonomic design
  • Anti Hypoxic Device
  • Fail-proof audio/visual oxygen failure alarm
  • An automatic cut-off of N2O in case of O2 failure
  • Dual/ Triple mounting of vaporizers
  • Parking block for the third vaporizer (optional)
  • Auxiliary O2 flowmeter
  • Plug-In upgrade modules
  • Dual flow sensing capability at inhalation and exhalation ports
  • Backup O2 control independent of the electrical failure
  • Set and user-defined priority alarms
  • ACGO allows use with semi-open circuits
  • Top light and backlight illumination
  • Trolley mounted with lockable castors
  • O2 flush 35-75 l/min
  • Air/N2O interlock switch
  • Basal Flow (optional)
  • GalaxyPLUS are advanced anesthesia workstations that combine efficient patient care with a simplicity of operation. The modular workstation among its host of features provides a choice between integrated electronic flowmeter and the traditional rotameters. Its advanced ventilation and monitoring capabilities provide a controlled and precise workflow during all stages of anesthesia delivery making it suitable for all ages of patients from neonates to adults. The ergonomically designed workstations provide a clean and uncluttered work environment by completely integrating the ventilator, breathing system, vaporizer, suction, and scavenging system.

    Most Effective And Efficient Patient Care:

  • Active Gas Scavenging System(Optional)
  • Auxiliary-Flowmeter
  • O2 Auxiliary Flowmeter
  • 15” Display Screen
  • Plug-In Upgrade Modules
  • Circle Absorber Breathing System:

  • Fully autoclavable at 134 C and latex free
  • Automatic absorber heating technology to avoid water condensation
  • Automatic absorber By-pass to change soda lime during surgery
  • Single canister system
  • Integrated bag/vent switch for an automatic changeover from manual to mechanical ventilation
  • Integrated pressure manometer, calibrated APL valve, O2 sensor port
  • Powerful Extended Function (optional):

  • Plug-in anaesthetic agent modules (mainstream/ sidestream); 5 anaesthetic agent + CO2 + N2O automatic agent curve
  • Anesthetic agent, para-magnetic oxygen monitoring module could be chosen for highly accurate monitoring
  • Plug-in CO2 module (mainstream/sidestream) for inspiratory and expiratory monitoring
  • Neuromuscular Monitoring Module
  • Plug-in SpO2 module
  • Other Details:

  • CO two Canister Volume: 2 Kg / 1.5 Kg
  • FiO2: Standard chemical oxygen sensor; optional para-magnetic oxygen sensor
  • CO2 (Optional): CO2 modules (main-stream or side-stream)
  • AIMS (Optional): Anaesthesia Information Management System with 17″ Screen & Software
  • SpO2 module (optional): Plug-in SpO2 module
  • Waveform: Pressure-time, Flow-time, Volume-time, Optional: SpO2 -time, CO2 -time, FiO2 -time, Anaesthetic agent-time
  • Loop: Pressure-volume, Flow-volume, Flow-pressure Optional: volume-CO2
  • Trend: P -t, f-t, FiO -t, MV-t, PEEP-t, VT-t
  • Monitored Parameter: C, R, V, V, MV, MV, F, F, I:E, P, P, P TE TI spn peak mean plat
  • Ordering Information:

  • Option 1: GalaxyPLUS with Virtual Flowmeter
  • Option 2: GalaxyPLUS with Mechanical Flowmeter
  • Anesthetic agent monitoring (Optional): 5 Anaesthetic agents+N2O+CO2 automatic identification and concentration monitoring (main-stream or side-stream)
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