LussoLiv Ophthalmology Cataract Microsurgery Equipment

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Titanium Cataract Kit

This is a 21pcs ophthalmology cataract microsurgery equipment package titanium cataract kit. The unit is made of Titanium Alloy to ensure that the product has ultra-high rust resistance. Products designed, smart building, set in a rugged precision fine.

Each set consist of :

1 Corneal Scissors Slightly curved,14mm in blade length,118mm in total length

2 Cataract Scissors Membrance Curved tips,16mm in blade length,117mm in total length

3 Micro-needle Holder Curved,114mm in total length

4 Vannas Scissors Straight Straight,8mm in blade length,85mm in total length

5 Vannas Scissors Straight Curved,8mm in blade length,85mm in total length

6 Corneal Scleral Forceps Straight,0.3mm, 104mm in total length

7 Capsulorhexis Forceps Curved, round tips, 0.3mm in tip width, 102mm in total length

8 Tying Forceps Short angled, platform Short angled,platform 4.5mm in length,114mm in total length

9 Tying Forceps Straight, platform Straight, platform 4.5mm in length,105mm in total length

10 Straight Toothed Forceps Straight toothed forceps, 1 x 2teeth, 0.12mm, 105mm

11 Blade Holder With spring,117mm in total length

12 Infusion Handpiece of Cataract Single head of cone,90mm in total length

13 Iris Spatula 1.2 mm,1.7mm, 122mm in total length

14 Cautery Ball shape tip,Φ5mm,120mm in total length

15 IOL Fixation Hook 0.2mm cylindrical tip, angled 15degree,119mm in total length

16 IOL Fixation Hook T type, Φ0.2mm,119mm in total length

17 Lens Loop Tip 5mm(width) x 7mm(length)curved loop,120mm in total length

18 Coaxial I/A Cannula Aperture 0.3mm

19 Posterior capsule polisher Short angled, Aperture 0.3mm

20 Iris Spatula Flush type, Aperture 0.3mm

21 Eye Speculum Wire speculum, stainless 14mm in blade length,43mm in total length Package includes: 1 set of cataract microsurgery equipment



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