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The Liebel-Flarsheim® Hydra Vision® Plus DR Urology System from Mallinckrodt provides a revolutionary approach to patient care. It is the first dedicated digital urology imaging system ever developed.

From its inception, the DR was designed to use optimized geometry and a large field of view (16″) image intensifier for maximum anatomical coverage and sharper images yielding a truly FILMLESS imaging system. This feature shortens procedure time by eliminating the need to wait for films to be developed.

To help ensure patient safety from both a procedural and radiological perspective, the Hydra Vision® Plus DR utilizes a moving imaging system that allows the patient to remain stationary during sensitive procedures such as ureteroscopy while user selectable pulsed fluoroscopy rates allow up to 87.5% reduction in x-ray exposure.

The Hydra Vision® Plus DR also incorporates design features that benefit every health care professional who has a need to interface with the system. A dual mode footswitch, ergonomically designed handswitch, and simplified generator controls ensure easy, trouble free operation.

The second tower mounted monitor can be used to display any secondary video input such as Last Image Hold or Roadmap fluoro images, or images generated by a video endoscopy or ultrasound unit.

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