Laminar System

Laminar Air Flow unit is used to create a controlled sterile working area free of bacterial contamination having positive air pressure under the canopy of fine special air filters capable of preventing bacteria & very fine dust particles passing through them.

Ventilation Systems
1. Laminar Air Flow Plenum:

This plenum is located above the operation table and made out of prime quality 1.5mm GI sheet for suitable strength. The overall size of the housing is 2700 mm length x 2500 mm width x 350 mm height. The special feature in our LAF unit is that the space below the beam is also provided with a HEPA filter, Laminar air flow plenum is provided with DOP Test port with built-in dampers for controlling air flow across HEPA filters.

2. HEPA Filters: Material of Construction:

a) Filter Media: The filter media is made of micro glass fiber media for achieving the required air purification & bacterial growth prevention capacity.

b) Filter Frame Material: The filter frame is made from Extruded Anodized

Aluminium sections for suitable finish & strength.

c) Filter Sealing Adhesive: A special grade of PU adhesive is used to form a firm non-leaking bond between the filter media & the filter frame material so that there is no bypass of air between the filter frames and filter media.

3. Aluminium Powder-coated Perforated Grills: Powder-coated perforated grills made from 18 G prime aluminum sheets are provided over the HEPA filter face to prevent any damage to the filter face.

4. Magnehelic Gauge: This gauge is provided to check the clogging of HEPA filters so that it can give an indication of the HEPA Filter life.

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