GNATUS G3 Dental Chairs

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Inspired by technology concepts and biosafety, Gnatus G3 New line sets developed for clinical routine. With a new design, their movements make the task of dentists as well as the wizard, simple and practical, time after time. Intuitive, with ergonomics and biosafety.


Product Specifications:

Double articulated headrest for handicapped pediatric patients, headlock system with lever


Light Unit:

  • 3 LED Light
  • Proximity sensor
  • Intensity up to 30000 Lux


Multifunction Foot Control:

  • Four work programs and memory with the status of the dental light
  • Spitting position and return to the last position
  • Activation and adjustment of intensity of the dental light
  • Automatic return to zero position Rise and lowering of the seat and backrest
  • Movements blocking of dental chair with emergency light indication


Traditional Delivery Unit:

  • With pneumatic locking arm to prevent any unnecessary displacement
  • Feather touch control panel for easy touch play operations
  • Alow up to five working terminal
  • Three-point for air rotor
  • One 3 way syringe
  • Pressure gauge on the side of the delivery unit
  • With inbuilt LED X-Ray Viewer


Water Unit:

  • 60-degree movable water unit
  • Removable spittoon for easy cleaning
  • Cup filled with electrical activation
  • Hot water activation switch (optional)
  • Proximity Sensor: Auto control the spittoon water


Assistant Arm:

  • Integrated on water unit
  • Two points one for low vacuum suction and other for high vacuum suction cannulas
  • One point for 3 way syringe
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