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GE Logiq P5 Ultrasound Machine – Refurbished

MPIN: MP11294

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Application training for the GE Logiq P5 premium

KPI’s on-staff sonographer can provide onsite applications training or remote training via video conference at a set price plus travel costs. A pre-recorded video training course is included in the sale, lease or rental of the GE Logiq P5 premium from KPI ultrasound.

Logiq P5 Service Options

Free technical support is available from KPI during installation and over the course of the standard limited warranty. Technical support is available after the warranty period at an hourly cost per issue.

GE Logiq P5 Maintenance

KPI recommends the use of a surge protector along with a dedicated power outlet. Probes should be disinfected after every use with a disinfectant wipe proven not to damage the lens (KPI recommends SonoWipes for this.) KPI recommends one PM visit (preventative maintenance) every year.

GE Logiq P5 premium Dimensions & Weight

Height: (adjustable, maximum) 1410 mm (55.5 in)

Width: 430 mm (16.9 in)

Depth: 640 mm (25.2 in)

Weight: 75 kg (165 lb), approx 325 lbs with packaging

Logiq P5 Specifications

Digital Beamformer

2,560 processing channels

Frame Rate: > 700 depending on preset

Displayed Imaging Depth: 0 – 30 cm

Minimum Depth of Field: 0 – 2 cm (probe dependent)

Maximum Depth of Field: 0 – 30 cm (probe dependent)

Up to 197 dB processing dynamic range

GE Logiq P5 Electrical

Voltage 100-120 VAC or 220-240 VAC

Frequency 50/60 Hz

Power Max. 750 VA with Built-in and on-board Peripherals

Thermal Output (maximum) 2200 BTU/h


GE Logiq P5 BT11 to BT06 Revisions

GE first launched the Logiq P5 in 2006. That first version was designated as BT06. “BT” is an abbreviation of “Break Through” and the number designates the year in which this version was launched. So the GE Logiq P5 premium BT08 was launched in 2008 and was in production till the next version in 2009, the Logiq P5 premium BT09. BT08 and BT09 added CrossXBeam and SRI as standard features and gave access to the 11L linear and E8CS endocavitary probes

In 2011, the Logiq P5 premium BT11 version was released and this is the latest version and is still in production in 2016. BT11 added support for the newer 3Sp adult cardiac sector probe, the 5Sp pediatric cardiac probe, and the 4D8c 4D microconvex probe. New options for Elastography, TVI, Stress Echo, Auto IMT, and SRI-HD were added. The Logiq P5 has always been a reliable ultrasound system, but the BT11 revision is especially stable because of it’s long 5 year history without the need for any further revisions! All this while the Logiq P5 premium became the #1 best selling GE ultrasound unit in production.

Logiq P5 Premium vs. Logiq P5 Pro

The GE Logiq P5 was launched in 2006 and was not labeled as different “Pro” and “Expert” versions like the earlier Logiq 5 had been. There was an optional “premium package” offered with the Logiq P5 BT06 that included CrossXBeam and SRI. With the BT09 version that premium package became part of the standard features and the Logiq P5 was renamed the Logiq P5 premium. This continued in the BT11 version.

Logiq P5 vs. Logiq A5

The GE Logiq A5 is a version of the Logiq P5 with black and white imaging only, without Doppler. This version can be upgraded via hardware and software to a full Logiq P5 though it is costly and rarely done.

Quick comparison: Logiq P5 premium vs. Logiq P5 vs. Logiq A5

Logiq P5 Premium: monitor with articulating arm + 3 active probe ports + CrossXBeam & SRI

Logiq P5: tilt/swivel monitor + 2 active probe ports + (limited with basic options)

Logiq A5: Black & white tilt/swivel monitor + 2 active probe ports + (No Doppler)

All revisions of the GE Logiq P5

GE Logiq P5 (BT06)

GE Logiq P5 (BT08)

GE Logiq P5 premium (BT09)

GE Logiq P5 premium (BT11)

Popular configurations of the Logiq P5 premium in 2016

  • GE Logiq P5 premium (BT11) with 3 transducers

    This is a General imaging (GI) and Women’s health configuration

    4C 2D Convex probe

    E8C 2D Endovaginal probe

    11L 2D Linear probe

  • GE Logiq P5 premium (BT11) with 2 transducers

    This is a 3D/4D OB/GYN configuration

    4D3C-L 4D Convex probe

    E8C 2D Endovaginal probe

  • GE Logiq P5 premium (BT11) with 2 transducers

    This is a Cardio/Vascular configuration

    3Sp Adult Cardiac Sector probe

    11L 2D Linear probe


All GE Logiq P5 Probes / Transducers

4D Convex 4D3C-L [ 2 – 5 MHz ] 192 elements, 39.1 mmR

4D Microconvex 4D8C [ 4 – 11 MHz ] 192 elements, 14 mmR

4D Endocavitary 4DE7C [ 4 – 11 MHz ] 192 elements, 10.1 mmR

Convex 3.5CS [ 2 – 5 MHz ] 128 elements, 38mmR

Convex 3.5C [ 2 – 5 MHz ] 128 elements, 38 mmR

Convex 4C [ 1.4 – 5 MHz ] 128 elements, 60 mmR

Convex 5CS [ 2 – 6 MHz ] 128 elements, 60 mmR

Microconvex 3CRF [ 2 – 4 MHZ ] 128 elements, 20 mmR

Neonatal Microconvex 8C [ 4 – 11 MHz ] 128 elements, 11 mmR

Endocavitary E8C [ 4 – 11 MHz ] 128 elements, 11 mmR

Endocavitary E8CS [ 4 – 11 MHz ] 128 elements, 9 mmR

Endocavitary Biplane BE9CS [ 4 – 11 MHz ] 96 x 2 elements, 9 mmR

Endocavitary Biplane ERB (5 – 10 MHz, 51 mmR Linear), (5 – 9 MHz 123° Convex) 128 elements

Linear 8L [ 4 – 11 MHz ] 128 elements, 38 mm

Linear 9L [ 3 – 10 MHz ] 192 elements, 44 mm

Linear 10L [ 4 – 11 MHz ] 192 elements, 39 mm

Linear 11L [ 5 – 13 MHz ] 192 elements, 38.4 mm

Linear 12L [ 5 – 13 MHz ] 192 elements, 39 mm

Intraoperative Linear i12L [ 4 – 12 MHz ] 96 elements, 25 mm

Intraoperative Linear t739 [ 4 – 10 MHz ] 192 elements, 39 mm

Intraoperative Linear i739 [ 4 – 10 MHz ] 192 elements, 39 mm

Cardiac sector 3S [ 1.5 – 3.5 MHz ] 64 elements

Cardiac sector 3Sp [ 1.5 – 5 MHz ] 64 elements

Cardiac sector 5S [ 2 – 5 MHz ] 96 elements

Pediatric cardiac sector 7S [ 3 – 8 MHz ] 96 elements

Pediatric cardiac sector 5Sp [ 2 – 8 MHz ] 64 elements

Non-imaging CW Doppler (pencil probe) P2D [ 2 MHz ]

Non-imaging CW Doppler (pencil probe) P6D [ 6 MHz ]

Transesophageal Gastro Probe UG7C [ 4.5 – 10 MHz ] 128 elements, 8.5 mmR

Advanced Logiq P5 Probes

The Logiq P5 premium supports a far larger variety of transducer options than any other ultrasound machine in it’s price range. Typically economical ultrasound machines only offer 4-6 probe choices. The Logiq P5 premium has 29 compatible GE transducer choices! This includes three mechanical 4D probes.

The Logiq P5 premium is great for Pediatric scanning: The GE 4D8C 4D microconvex is unique in this price range and the GE 8C Neonatal microconvex has a tiny 11mm scan head ! Pediatric cardiologists will appreciate 2 pediatric sector probe options, the GE 7S and GE 5Sp.

The Logiq P5 premium offers unusually broad choices for Urologists as well with two biplane endocavitary probe options ; the GE BE9CS and GE ERB. Biplane probes are able to scan in the X and Y axis without moving the probe.

The GE Logiq P5 has three compatible intraoperative linear probes that are super compact for use where a typical linear probe would not fit.

Cardiologists will appreciate the 5 sector probes and two non-imaging pencil probes used for listening to the heart and graphing the sound.

Popular GE Logiq P5 Transducers

The GE 4C convex is a second-generation transducer for the Logiq P5 that offers the best penetration and widest scanning field at a good price. The GE 11L linear transducer offers a high frequency that makes it good at MSK imaging while still functioning within the needed range for vascular work. The GE E8C is the most popular and least expensive endocavitary probe for the Logiq P5. The GE 3Sp adult cardiac probe offers a wide scanning range for a variety of patient types at an affordable price.


GE Logiq P5 Premium Standard Features

These features are standard on the Logiq P5 BT11 version.

15” TFT LCD monitor with Flexible Monitor Arm

Automatic Tissue Optimization (ATO)

Auto Color Optimization (ACO)

Auto Spectrum Optimization (ASO)

Coded Harmonic Imaging

Coded Excitation (CE)

Virtual Convex


Directional Power Doppler Imaging

High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF)

Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)

Hard Disk partition of 50GB for image storage

CINE Memory Frames (60 sec) (192MB) >1000 depending on probe, imaging depth, line density and field of view

Real-time Triplex Mode at any Depth and PRF

Patient Information Database

Image Archive on Hard Drive and DVD

Easy Backup for Media

Report Designer

Vascular Calculations

Cardiac Calculations

Obstetrics Calculations

Fetal Trending

Multi Gestational Calculations

Hip Dysplasia Calculations

Gynecological Calculations

Urological Calculations

Renal Calculations

Real-time automatic Doppler calculations

TruAccess, Raw Data Processing


Key Macro

Network Storage

Auto Focus

Wide Field of View on convex

Simultaneous Display on BE9CS probe

Quick Save


Virtual Convex with X-Beam

ED Report

GE Logiq P5 Premium Technology Definitions

Coded Harmonic Imaging: An advanced version of THI or Tissue Harmonic Imaging on the Logiq P5 that improves overall image quality.

Coded Excitation (CE): This Logiq P5 premium feature improves image resolution and penetration in the far field. This allows the use of higher frequencies on technically difficult patients.

Virtual Convex: A feature on the GE Logiq P5 that provides a Convex Field of View for Convex, Linear and Sector probes.

Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI): A technology on the Logiq P5 used to reduce the graininess of B-mode images.

Automatic Tissue Optimization (ATO): Automated adjustments on the Logiq P5 to the TGC levels to improve image quality in grayscale imaging.

Auto Color Optimization (ACO): This feature automatically adjusts color gain to improve image quality while using Doppler imaging on the Logiq P5.

Auto Spectrum Optimization (ASO): Automated adjustments on the Logiq P5 to improve the accuracy of grayscale waveform information displayed in Spectral Doppler.

Crossbeam: A GE Spatial compounding technology that minimizes temporal image artifacts in the Logiq P5’s image.


GE Logiq P5 Accessories

Sony UPD-897MD Digital Black & white thermal printer

Sony UPD-898MD Digital Black & white thermal printer

Sony UPX-898MD Digital Black & white thermal printer

Sony UPD-25MD Digital Color thermal printer

Mitsubishi P95DW Digital Black & white thermal printer

Mitsubishi CP30DW Digital Color thermal printer

Sony DVO-1000 DVD Recorder

CIVCO disposable biopsy guides (for Convex, Linear and Endo-cavity transducers)

Logiq P5 Supplies

Aquasonic ultrasound gel

Sono ultrasound wipes

Sony UPP-110HG thermal printing paper

Sony UPC-21L color thermal printing pack

Mitsubishi CK30L printing paper

Mitsubishi K95HG high gloss thermal printing paper

Logiq P5 ports

3 active transducer ports

1 inactive parking port


Network (RJ45)

Wireless Network interface (USB) (Option)

USB (6x external)

S-Video Out

DVI-D out

S-Video Out 2 (VTR)

S-Video In (VTR)

S-Video Out

Audio Out (Left & right channels)

Audio In (Left & right channels)

USB (5x internal)

RS 232: Optional, USB to RS232 converter

Parallel Port


GE Logiq P5 Premium Options

These are features that are not standard on the Logiq P5 premium BT11, but which can be added to the configuration for an additional cost.

Auto IMT



Stress Echo

DICOM 3.0 Connectivity


Coded Contrast Imaging

CW Doppler

Anatomical M-Mode



Easy 3D (Baby Face, Vascular)

Advanced 3D, with 3D Landscape

Real time 4D

3rd probe port

3-Pedal Foot Switch, with Programmable Functionality

Rear Handle


Probe Cable Hanger

Urology Probe Holder

1-Pedal Foot Switch

Remote Control Switch

PDF report conversion

GE Logiq P5 Premium Optional Technology Definitions

Coded Contrast Imaging: This feature enhances the view of the Fallopian tubes vs. other surrounding tissue on the Logiq P5.

Auto IMT: This provides an automated measurement of the intimae media thickness of the common carotid artery.

Elastography: An imaging mode optional on the GE Logiq P5 premium for the visualization of the stiffness of tissue done by assigning color values over B-mode. This makes it much easier to detect tumors and direct biopsies and interventional surgery. The Logiq P5 uses strain based elastography.

TVI: Tissue Velocity Imaging is an advanced option on the Logiq P5 used for quantitative analysis of the cardiac function providing views of the overall anatomy, regional movement and velocity data.

Imaging Modes

GE Logiq P5 Standard Imaging Modes

B-mode (brightness)

M-mode (motion)

Color Flow Mode (CFM)

Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) with Directional Map

PW Doppler with High PRF

Optional Logiq P5 Imaging Modes


Anatomical M-Mode


Steered CW Doppler

CW Doppler

Coded Contrast Imaging

4D Volume Mode


GE Logiq P5 Applications

Applications or Apps are the types of exams or studies that an ultrasound machine can do. More than this if an ultrasound machine supports a specific application it will have calculations, measurement and reporting software included to support those apps and make them useful in a clinical environment.

The GE Logiq P5 premium offers a wider selection of apps than any other ultrasound machine at this price point. The Logiq P5 also offers a huge variety of compatible transducers that not only support each of these apps but also give users multiple choices.






Small Parts and Superficial






Optional Logiq P5 Applications

3D/4D Imaging


Contrast Imaging


Pediatric and Neonatal

Peripheral Vascular





System Overview

Year Launched : 2006
Estimated Market Price ($) : Economy
Monitor (inch) : 15″LCD
Tilt/Rotate Adjustable Monitor : Yes
Monitor Resolution : 1024*768
Image Size Resolution : 800*600
Touch Screen (Inch) : No
Trackball or Trackpad : Trackball
CP Back-Lighting : Yes
Weight : 165lbs(75kg)
Probe Ports : 3
Battery : No
Boot-Up Time :
Sleep Mode (Quick Start):
Maximum Depth of Field : 30cm
Minimum Depth of Field : 0-2cm
Cart (HCU) : No
Independent Steer & Lockable Wheels : Yes

Imaging Modes

2D, M mode : Yes
M-color Flow Mode : Yes
Anatomical M-mode : Yes
Trapezoidal Mode : Yes
Color, Power Angio, Pulse Wave Doppler : Yes
Bi-directional Power (=HD FLOW) : Yes
SCW Doppler : Yes(Option)
Tissue Doppler(Velocity) Imaging : Yes(BT11+)
Freehand 3D : Yes
Live 3/4D OB/GYN : Yes(Option)
HD Live : No
STIC (Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation) : No
Live 3D Echo : No
Stress Echo : Yes(Option)
Strain and Strain Rate (Cardiac) : No
B Flow : Yes
Panoramic Imaging (=Logiq view) : Yes(Option)
Contrast Imaging – Cardiac : Yes(Option)
Contrast Imaging – General Imaging : Yes(Option)
Strain-based Elastography : Yes(Option)
Shear Wave Elastography : No


Tissue Harmonic Imaging : Yes
Spatial Compounding(=CrossXbeam) : Yes
Speckle Reduction (=SRI) : Yes
Auto Image Opt(B mode) : Yes
Auto Image Opt(Doppler) : Yes
Write Zoom : Yes
Triplex Mode : Yes
Needle Enhancement or Needle Recognition : No
Auto NT Measurement (=Sono NT) : No
Auto Follicle 2D Measurement : Yes
Auto Follicle 3D Measurement : No
Auto IMT : Yes(Option)
Auto IMT (Real Time) : No
Automated B/M/D Measurement : Yes
Automated LH Measurement(Automated Function Imaging(AFI), Cardiac Motion Quantification(CMQ), or Auto EF(Ejection Fraction) : Yes
Live Dual (B/BC) Mode : Yes
SmartExam or Scan Assistant : Yes
Fusion : No
Raw Data File : Yes
Flexible Report : Yes
Barcode Reader : No
Gel Warmer : No


Abdominal : Yes
Women’s Health Care (GYN & Breast) : Yes
OB : Yes
Fetal Echo : No
Vascular : Yes
TCD(Transcranial) : Yes
Small Parts (Breast, Thyroid, Testis…) : Yes
MSK/Anesthesiology : Yes
Pediatrics : Yes
Urology (Renal, Prostate…) : Yes
Echocardiography_Adult : Yes
Interventional Cardiology : No
Echocardiography_Pediatric : Yes
Echocardiography_Neonate : Yes
Stress Echocardiography : Yes
Transesophageal Echo_Adult : No
Transesophageal Echo_Pediatric : No
Internal Medicine w/ Shared Service : Yes
Surgury : Yes
Interventional Radiology : Yes
Contrast Imaging _ General Imaging (Low MI) : Yes
Contrast Imaging _ Cardiac (High or Low MI) : Yes
Bowel Imaging : No
Strain Elastography : Yes
Shear Wave Elastography : No


Convex (1~6Mhz): Yes
Convex (2~9Mhz) : No
Single Crystal Convex (1~6Mhz) : No
Single Crystal Convex (2~9Mhz) : No
2D Arrary 3D Convex (1~6Mhz) : No
Micro Convex (5~8Mhz) : Yes
Single Crystal Endocavity_Straight Type (3~10Mhz) : No
Endocavity_Curved Type (5~8Mhz) : Yes
3D Convex (2~6Mhz) : Yes
3D Convex Light Weight (2~7Mhz) : No
3D Endocavity (3~10Mhz) : Yes
3D Micro Convex (3~9Mhz) : Yes
3D Linear (4~18Mhz) : No
Linear (>14Mhz) : No
Linear (3~12Mhz) : Yes
Linear (<9Mhz) : Yes
Single Crystal Linear (>14Mhz) : No
Single Crystal Linear (3~12Mhz) : No
Single Crystal Linear (<9Mhz) : No
Linear 50mm : No
Linear 25mm : No
Hockey stick (<13Mhz) : No
Hockey stick (>13Mhz) : No
T or L shape Intra Operative : Yes
Phased Array_Adult (1~5Mhz) : Yes
Single Crystal Phased Array_Adult (1~5Mhz) : No
2D Arrary 3D Phased Array (1~5Mhz) : No
Phased Array_Pediatric (3~8hz) : Yes
Single Crystal Phased Array_Pediatric (3~8hz) : No
Phased Array_Neonate (4~12Mhz) : Yes
ICE (Intracardiac Echo Cardiography) : No
TEE_Adult (3-7Mhz) : No
TEE_Pediatric (3~7Mhz) : No
2D Array 3D TEE (2~7Mhz) : No
Pencil CW (2Mhz) : Yes
Pencil CW (5 or 6Mhz) : Yes


DICOM 3.0 : Yes(Option)
DICOM SR_Cardiac : Yes(Option)
DICOM SR_Vascular : Yes(Option)
DICOM SR_OB/GYN : Yes(Option)
JPEG, WMV, & AVI : Yes
USB : Yes
Wireless LAN : No

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