Fully Automated 6 Plate Elisa Processor Model: Lisa XL

MPIN: MP79289

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As the workload and test menu increase, simultaneous management of multiple ELISA protocols can become challenging.

The LisaXL has been designed with an open architecture to meet various laboratory needs, providing all the tools necessary for hands-free ELISA processing, increasing the reliability and reproducibility, improving throughput, and freeing the laboratory staff from repetitive steps.

LisaXL allows running multiple parameters for over 250 samples in a single batch. Equipped with dual probes and dedicated workstations, drastically improve ELISA workflows.

LisaXL is a complete walkway system that minimizes manual errors while improving the accuracy and turnaround time for critical tests.

LisaXL provides the flexibility to build and run virtually any ELISA assays.

Product Features:

Lisa XL is a true walk-away system for any laboratory needs.

High Throughput with 6 plates, can process up to 576 tests.

A dynamic scheduler ensures optimized system usage and turnaround times by processing 6 plates and up to 12 assays in each plate

Onboard flexibility with sample capacity up to 272 and 20 interchangeable racks for reagents and samples.

Dual probe processing ensures speed and reliability.

“Zero” carryover with high-quality disposable tips.

Six individually controlled incubators and shakers with variable temperature, time, and speed settings.

Efficient washing with super sweep mode ensures minimum residual volume, with up to 6 different wash buffers.

Easy to use touchscreen graphic user interface

Product Applications:


1.Physical Specifications

1 Dimensions

Length 1375 mm 55″

Height 845 mm 33″

Width 850 mm 33.5″

Weight 195 kgs (Approx)

2. Power Supply

Voltage 100 – 240 Volts

Frequency 50 / 60Hz

Power consumption 700 W

3.General Specifications

Assay per plate Up to 12

Number of ELISA plates Up to 6

Sample capacity Up to 272

Sample / Reagent capacity

Total 20 racks

Single rack holds 16 sample / reagent tubes

Double rack holds 6 x 60 ml reagent bottles (can be used interchangeably)

Tip / Dilution box

Total 11 locations of 96 capacity each (can be used interchangeably)

4.Reader Specifications

Reading Range 0.0 – 3.5 O.D

Reading Channels 8

Filter wheel 8 positions 405 nm, 450 nm, 492 nm, 620 nm std* 578 nm and 700 nm optional + 2 open

Light source Halogen Lamp

Reading mode Single, Dual, ORR

Reading time < 1 min (for single filter)

Linearity Up to 3.0 O.D (450 nm)

5.Washer Specifications

Manifold configuration 16 needles – 8 aspiration & 8 dispensing

Precision < 5 % at 300 μl

Wash cycle Programmable

Residual volume < 5 μl / well

Soak time Programmable

Washer buffer capacity 6 × 2.25 L

Waste water container 1 × 20 L

6.Incubator Specifications

Number of incubators Up to 6

Temperature range RT + 5°C up to 50°C

Temperature stability ± 1°C

Incubation time Programmable

Time to set temperature < 6 min

Shaking 200 to 800 RPM

Shaking Method Orbital

7.Pipetting Specifications

Number of probes 2

Tips 300 µl / 1000 µl, Auto / Manual selected

Multi-dispensing (Reagent)

Minimum volume 4 μl

Serum dispensing time < 14 min

Reagent dispensing time < 5 min

Sample mixing Yes (Automatic)

Precision Sample & Reagent

Sample Dispensing with 300 µl tip:

3% above 10 µl

± 0.5 µl for 10 µl & less

Reagent Dispensing with 300 µl tip:

3% for 25 µl & above

Reagent Dispensing with 1ml tip:

5% for 75 µl & above”

8.Process Security

Liquid level sensing

Well fill verification

Clot detection

Onboard sample identification

Onboard reagent identification

Strip verification

Buffer sensing



Operating System Windows 10 (Embedded)

LIS interface Bi-directional, Serial / TCPIP

USB Port

Graphic load interface

Graphical work list

Data processing Quantitative, Semi-Quantitative & Qualitative

Multi password access

Ability to archive data

Computer (Base configuration considered, higher configuration can be considered for upgrade after testing)

Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB hard disk

Monitor 22″ Full HD touch screen

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